Introducing Encrypted Forms: The Ultimate in Online Form Security

Introducing Encrypted Forms: The Ultimate in Online Form Security


Note that Jotform Encrypted Forms 2.0 is now in effect, where submission data is protected by end-to-end encryption and can be accessed with an access code. Click here to learn more about Jotform Encrypted Forms 2.0

Jotform has always been secure in our almost ten years of being the easiest online form builder. Well, we just raised the bar higher. Now you have the ability to designate your forms as encrypted.

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An Encrypted Form is one where the user’s responses are transferred and stored in an encrypted format. They are encrypted in the browser of the person filling out the form, and can’t be seen by anyone else at any time. This added level of security is of most interest to users handling the most sensitive data with extra privacy needs.

Encrypted Forms can be set up for individual forms, or for all forms within your account. To set up Encrypted Forms for individual forms simply select Settings, and then, under Form Settings, switch Encrypt Form Data option to ‘Yes’.

Form Preferences Encryption Settings

By clicking on the Accounts page you can designate all future forms to be encrypted under Data tab.

Image of Data Page in Account Tabs

Using our Encryption Key Wizard you can create a secure private key. This key is the only way to access your form responses, and nobody else, not even at Jotform will have it. When notifications arrive for new encrypted submissions, users can then log into Jotform, view submissions for the encrypted forms, and enter their private key to view.

Encryption Key Wizard
creating encryption key

The data is stored encrypted, on our already secure servers. Not even Podo can access it, so it’s very important to keep your secret private encryption key in a safe location.


It should be noted that setting up a form as encrypted comes at the cost of some convenience.

  • • Notifications will only alert the user that a submission was received- they won’t include the content of the response. (That’s the whole point! The info isn’t legible from our servers.)
  • • Users must log into Jotform and also need to enter their private key in order to view their form responses,
  • • If you lose the private encryption key, your data is gone. We can’t reset it in a such a way as to recover previously encrypted responses.
  • • Some of the features are not available: PDF Downloads, Reports, Emails that contain form data in them.

Just so you know

Encrypted forms is available to all Jotform users, and is another way we provide best of class service to our users. For those who need the peace of mind that nobody can ever under any circumstances potentially view their data, it gives that added level of security.

Aytekin Tank is the founder and CEO of Jotform and the bestselling author of Automate Your Busywork. A developer by trade but a storyteller by heart, he writes about his journey as an entrepreneur and shares advice for other startups. He loves to hear from Jotform users. You can reach Aytekin from his official website

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