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A feedback survey is used to measure user satisfaction. Whether you’re collecting feedback about customer experiences, employee satisfaction, educational courses, or any other type of event or experience, choose from one of our free Feedback Survey templates to create a custom feedback survey instantly. After you’ve selected a template you like, you can personalize it by using Jotform’s drag-and-drop builder — no coding needed.

Want to customize your feedback survey? Simply upload your logo and branding, change fonts and colors, update feedback survey questions, and make other design changes. You can even connect your survey with 250+ free integrations to instantly send responses to your other accounts — such as Google Sheets, Slack, Airtable, or Asana. Check out our Feedback Survey templates to get inspired.

Customer Feedback Survey

Great tool to capture customers concerns on products and services used

Survey Templates

Product Customer Feedback Form 

A Product Customer Feedback Survey is a customer feedback survey that allows clients to review a company's products and services.

Customer Satisfaction Evaluation Forms

Employee Feedback Form

Identify the current satisfaction of your employees and improve your company culture by using this Employee Feedback Form. This form template is simple and easy to understand.

Employee Surveys

Camper Satisfaction Survey Form

Have you already organized a summer camp and wonder about campers' satisfaction? Don't you have survey questions for campers in mind and searching for summer camp evaluation form templates? Here is a summer camp satisfaction survey that you can use for measuring your campers' satisfaction and learning about their experience in the simplest way. Do not hesitate to add your own survey question and even edit the existing ones for free!

Summer Camp Surveys

Parent Satisfaction Survey

Capture and identify the opinions of the parents by letting them fill out this Parent Satisfaction Survey. This form can be accessed on any device which includes phones and tablets.

School Surveys

Customer Service Satisfaction Survey

Now it is easy to learn how your customers are satisfied with your service thanks to this Customer Service Satisfaction Survey. No code required!

Satisfaction Surveys

Teacher Satisfaction Survey

Make the teachers happy by attending to their needs and listening to their feedback by using this Teacher Satisfaction Survey. This form template contains all the required questions when building a survey.

School Surveys

Coaching Session Client Feedback Survey

A coaching session client feedback survey is a questionnaire used by coaches to collect feedback from their coaching clients. Whether you’re a coach who works online or in person, use this coaching session client feedback survey.

Personal Training Feedback Forms

IT Satisfaction Survey

Let's measure how satisfied your customers are with the IT service you provide with the IT Satisfaction Survey. No code required!

IT Forms

Class Feedback Survey

This is a simple form for students to give feedback on a course. There are 5 questions about easiest, hardest, most worthwhile, least worthwhile parts of the course. Also, the students can add any comments and suggestions by using this class feedback survey template. So, you can improve the course with this class feedback form.

School Surveys

Clients Feedback Survey Form

A client feedback survey is a customer feedback questionnaire used by businesses to gather testimonials from customers. Whether you’re a small business owner or a large corporation, use this free Client Feedback Survey.

Feedback Forms

Voice Of The Customer Survey

Get important customer feedback online. Easy to customize and embed with no coding. Great for small businesses. Collect and view responses on any device.

Product Surveys

360 Degree Feedback Survey

Assess your employees by using this well-designed 360 Degree Feedback Survey Template. The results of this survey will definitely help your employees to analyze their areas of improvement.

Human Resources Forms

Customer Service Feedback Form

A simple evaluation form to gather your customers' feedback regarding your customer service.

Service Feedback Forms

Project Satisfaction Survey

A project satisfaction survey is a questionnaire used by employers to collect feedback on project developments. Whether you work in construction, management, or another field, use this free Project Satisfaction Survey.

Satisfaction Surveys

Software Satisfaction Survey

A software satisfaction survey is a questionnaire used by developers to find out how clients are enjoying their software application.

Customer Satisfaction Evaluation Forms

Guest Feedback Survey

A guest feedback survey is a questionnaire that allows hotel owners to collect feedback from their hotel guests about their stay.

Feedback Forms

Program Survey

A program survey is an assessment of programs and services offered to a community or group. Collect data with Jotform!

Event Feedback Forms

Newsletter Satisfaction Survey

The newsletter satisfaction customer feedback survey is a questionnaire used by businesses to review the performance of their newsletters.

Satisfaction Surveys

Website Satisfaction Survey

A Website Satisfaction Survey measures how satisfied your visitors are with your site and provides the opportunity to improve your site with feedback. In addition, no code is required!

Satisfaction Surveys

Candidate Feedback Survey

The Candidate Feedback Survey form template from Jotform is designed to help Human Resources collect valuable feedback from candidates after job interviews.

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