Understanding Common Form Errors

December 7, 2023

You may encounter a few different form errors in Jotform and the error meaning depends on the message. Below is a list of common errors you may encounter on your form.


The following list is limited to standard form errors. If you encounter any errors, have questions, or looking for assistance, feel free to contact Jotform Support.

404 Not Found

The 404 error shows when the form or page could not be found.

404 Not Found

It may be temporarily unavailable, moved, or no longer exists.

Depending on your privacy settings, the error could also appear when viewing uploaded files on your form. For more information, see How to Unrequire Log-in to View Uploaded Files.

Invalid Form URL

There’s an implemented domain separation rule in which depending on your country, you may need to use a different domain name for your forms — for example, jotform.us or jotform.me. The “Invalid Form URL” error means that the form is viewed in an incorrect Jotform domain.

Invalid Form URL

Make sure to use the correct Jotform domain name for your form.

This form is currently unavailable!

The “This form is currently unavailable!” error appears when the form is disabled or deleted.

This form is currently unavailable!

For more information, see How to Enable or Disable a Form.

Form not found

The “Form not found” error means the form was suspended for violating the Terms of Use.

Form not found

It is always advisable to read every single term to avoid unnecessary problems. If you’re the form owner, don’t hesitate to reach out to Jotform Support for assistance.

Sorry! Only one entry is allowed

The “Sorry! Only one entry is allowed” error is related to the Unique Submissions form setting.

Sorry! Only one entry is allowed

When a strict or loose check is enabled, form fillers can only submit one entry. To learn more, see How to Set Unique Submissions on a Form.

Form over quota

The “Form over quota” error appears when the form has exceeded its allocated quota and cannot be used at the moment.

Form over quota

This error appears when you reach your submission limit for the month.

You can either wait until the submissions counter resets to zero, which happens on the first day of your limit reset period, or upgrade to any available paid plans to increase your submission limits and enable all your forms right away. For more information, see Jotform Features and Pricing.

The client was disconnected by the server because of inactivity

The error message “The client was disconnected by the server because of inactivity” can occur for many reasons.

The client was disconnected by the server because of inactivity error message

Here are some common ones and what you can do to troubleshoot them.

Network problem. If there is a problem with your network connection, such as a weak signal or dropped connection, the server may disconnect you. Make sure that you have a stable internet connection.

Inactivity. The server may disconnect you if you take a significant time to fill out the form. If you’re the form owner, it’s advisable to keep your form as short as possible for better completion and conversion rates.

Also, if you received the error message while logged in to your Jotform account, it might mean that your session has expired. This can happen if you have not used Jotform for a certain period of time and the system has automatically logged you out. You can resolve this issue by logging back into your Jotform account.

Caching issue. An old cache of your form may cause some issues. You can resolve this by clearing your form’s cache. For more information, see How to Clear Your Form Cache.

Contact Support:

Our customer support team is available 24/7 and our average response time is between one to two hours.
Our team can be contacted via:

Support Forum: https://www.jotform.com/answers/

Contact Jotform Support: https://www.jotform.com/contact/

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