How To Change Your Form’s Font Size

September 1, 2022

Your form’s font size is important on many levels. Similar to choosing a font face, the font size will also improve the readability and design of your form. It’s always a good idea to consider your form’s visual impact based on your target audience. Note that if it’s too small, your user might just skip submitting the form because they can’t see the text. However, choosing a larger font will also compromise the overall design of your form.

Again, your web forms should be readable on every level, so be careful about font sizes. You can change the font size in the Form Builder and Advanced Designer.

Changing the Font Size With Form Designer

To quickly change the form’s font size

  1. In the form builder, click the Form Designer icon (paint roller).
  1. Go to the Styles tab.
  2. Look for the Font Size option, and input your preferred size.
  1. The Form Builder will automatically save your changes. But you can also click the Save button after inputting the font size.

Changing the Font Size With Advanced Designer

To change the font size via the Advanced Designer

  1. Open the Form Designer by clicking the paint roller icon.
  2. Click the Advanced Designer button.
  1. In the Advanced Designer window, expand the Font Options from the Design tab.
  2. Toggle the Base Font Size slider to change the font size of your form.
  1. Click the Save button on the top-left side of the Advanced Designer to apply the changes. If the changes are already saved, you should see the Eye icon instead of the Save icon.


  • Advanced Designer is available in Classic Forms only. Visit Cards or Classic: Which One Should I Use to learn more about the difference.
  • You can use CSS to change the font size of specific form elements. However, custom CSS codes are only available in the Classic form layout.

Please comment below if you have any suggestions, comments, or difficulties doing the above steps.

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