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Adding a form to Shopify Store Frontpage

Adding a form to Shopify Store Frontpage

Adding Form to Shipify Store is just a few steps.

Step 1:  Get your form embed codes by following this guide:

Step 2: Login to Shopify ( After you login, you will be redirected to your Shopify Admin Panel. 

Step 3: Click "Blog & Pages" then click "Create a new page".

Step 4: Enter your "Page Title"  then click "View HTML" button and enter your form embed codes;

Step 5: Click "Create Page"

Next step is to add your page to your store front page.

Step 6: Click "Navigation
Step 7: Click "Add Link".
Step 8: Enter "Name of new link"
Step 9: Choose "Page" for Links to
Step 10: Choose the page that you have created on the above steps

Step 11: Click "Add link" again to finish

Additional Information: 

If you want your customers to upload files with their orders, check this guide from Shopify to learn how:

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  • SweetFeels

    This is way outdatet. Does not work anymore.

  • George

    Is there a way to connect your jotform to shopify so that when they hit the submit button it will create an order in my admin panel? I currently have it going to PayPal, and it is very inconvenient.

  • diane

    1. My customer logs onto my website with a passcode (this are wholesale customers).

    2. They go to a page with a form on it that has products, variants, prices listed and they check off or type in what they want.

    3. The order is totaled at the bottm and then click "submit"

    4. Order is processed via Shopify/Stripes with their credit card.

    5. We are notified via email from our website that an order was placed and a link to their completed form is shown on the screen.


    1-3 is the same

    4. Their form is emailed to us and we check inventory, send an email to the customer telling them that we received their order and ask them to contact us with credit card info.

    5. They call us and we process the order via our website Shopify/Stripes with their given credit card #.