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How to Enable Payment Authorization

How to Enable Payment Authorization

When you are selling physical items or items that need your approval prior to delivery to the customer, you may sometimes want to get payment authorization only and capture payment at a later time when needed.

Luckily, payment authorization is available on the following payment gateways:

🔘 PayPal

🔘 Authorize.Net

🔘 Square

🔘 Stripe

NOTE: Of the four, only Stripe has the option to capture the payment from within JotForm's interface (submissions page and email notifications). Also, with Stripe, you can charge your customers later with whatever amount necessary (charge amount different from authorized amount) through your Stripe merchant interface. For PayPal and Authorize.Net, you must login to their respective merchant interfaces and do the manual payment capture from there.

1. Edit your form in the Form Builder and click the Payment Field.

2. Click the WAND icon to open the payment wizard.

3. For PayPalAuthorize.Net and Square, scroll down and expand the ADDITIONAL GATEWAY SETTINGS section. Then, toggle the AUTHORIZATION ONLY option to YES.

If you're not seeing these options, you have to click the GEAR icon at the top right of your payment wizard to go back to this screen.

With Stripe, it's a little different. You need to set the CHARGE CUSTOMER IMMEDIATELY OPTION to NO. This literally means your customers will never be charged immediately after submitting the form.

4. Don't forget to click the CONTINUE button to save your changes.

If you have questions about this, feel free to post your comments below.

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  • mattharvey

    Curious how to charge different amount from Authorized amount using Stripe. Trying to do this for a trial period and charge different amount later. Do you just use the Jotform Stripe widget to collect card info and click No on "Charge Customer Immediately" button, then the rest is handled on the Stripe merchant side? Or is there something special that's done on the Jotform side?

    Any other guides / documentation on this much appreciated.


  • Gloria Martinez

    I received an email that my form for payment was incorrect. I have made the changes, can you please review and let me know if all is good.

    thank you,

  • S_Health


    For this feature we want to use as a part of our work flow.

    We have two (conditional) uses for this.

    The cash price of a product is $150 -- but sometimes, a person has insurance and provides us with their insurance information. We then process the insurance information and get the final cost. Here are two scenarios for our conditional use:

    A. The insurance co-pay returns as $50
    B. The insurance co-pay returns as $10.

    We want to create our form with workflow, so that when the co-pay price is < $25 it automatically charges the card after we verify the price.

    If the copay price is > $25 we need to contact the customer via email, to ask for their permission to charge at the co-pay price.

    What is the best way to do this using

  • Januschka

    I'd like to collect credit card info so I can use that information for my client's purchases down the road. I need to be able to see their credit card details. Is this possible?

  • cowboyup

    I'm trying to pre-authorize my clients card to charge them later using Square. I've tested my form but where does my client's credit card information go once they've submitted the form? Should it be showing up in my Square App under customers? If so, it's not doing that either.

  • Eric Mitchell

    So when do customer get charged? And if not immediately, how can we manage revenue..

    Why do you offer the CC option in forms if its not supposed to be on forms?

    Is their something other than forms that we can use instead with JotForm?

    Please advise..

  • Stone_Eric

    This really is disappointing, as others have stated, we are out of luck if we want to process the payment outside of the options jotforms gives us. WHY, this completely destroys the functionality, all the time I spent creating forms has just went down the drain.

  • showly

    Hi, I'm trying to charge customers later via Stripe. Once I've collected the card info via the Stripe integration, where do I go to charge them? Can this be done through my Stripe Dashboard or just via JotForm's interface? Thanks!

  • tgapevents

    My form is collecting authorizations, but not charging customer when I'm manually trying to charge them, how can I fix this? My last 3 authorizations will not allow me to charge.

  • Keshia Courtland

    I agree for you to remove the payment form I submitted that is not allowed. I agree to the terms.


  • Jacque

    My client is a doctor practice. The billing authorization form is only to capture the cc on file. They have a bill company which handles processing payment for their services. How can I make this a PCI compliant form without a online processor?

  • DestinationPlanning

    Is there any way to collect card information without linking it to an online pay account? We will be charging the clients at a later date through our own payment system

  • EstherJNF

    Trying to set up paypal, it is asking for customer secret. what is that?

  • donaldmac


  • Gjot

    Ok, I only need a signed authorization form with client credit card information for payment. They will not be charged through these companies directly. I gather the information and pay directly to my supplier. How can I get their credit information and still be able to see the details without the client being charged?


  • dougiedt

    is there a way for the customer to decide how much they want to pay. I have hundreds of prices and not just a couple of items. I need the to say "charge xx"

  • dracaenawines

    If I want the charge to just be authorized. It states that I can then manually add later. But when I ran the test, I wasn't given any information to be able to charge later. How do I get that? It doesn't have the charge customer now option in the email? It may be months before the charge occurs after they provide authorization.

  • Paul Benson

    It appears that you do not have a wizard for EFT or "Electronic Check" transactions via Or do you?

  • abdur606

    What if the payment varies for square? How can I add a tip option? Also how can I get the Credit card info for later use because we usually charge the credit card on the day of service.

  • detroitmetroairportsedan

    How do I connect it to Chase Paymentech or have it so the credit card info is submitted and charge via a vendor not listed in jotform?

  • sbohon

    Does anyone know how to make this work with Square?

  • kaiusafanunion

    I have tried to change it to payment authorization but they are still being directed to paypal how do it change it. I followed the steps but is not working.

  • Mark Scrimenti

    Subject is self-explanatory. Thank you!

  • slombardo

    For PayPal, does this only work when selling products and not when collecting donations? I need the calculation widget to populate the PayPal field, and even though people are buying products, it makes it a "donation." I tested the payment authorization functionality when using the PayPal selling products option and it worked, but when I switched to collecting a donation, it automatically processed the payment.

  • slumpkin

    Ok so I registered with Stripe. So if I choose the Later (manually) option, will I have the captured information to run directly with my supplier? I can't process the payments but have to run them directly thorough the supplier for my clients. (I am a travel agent). TIA

  • GlobalPartsIT

    I seriously doubt this uses's CIM integration, rather it likely uses the AIM integration. The AUTH_ONLY transaction would appear in your account under Unsettled Transactions as an "Authorized" transaction. From there you can Capture the transaction, choosing to keep the Payment Amount the same or to lower the Payment Amount and then capture. You cannot adjust the payment amount upward. And this does not interact with a CIM account so the customer and payment profile will not be saved for later use. Hope that helps!

  • ypollack16

    Can you comment further on the integration to authorize only. Is it indeed possible to get the information stored in Authorize for capture later? You say you can authorize only. Does that mean you are sending client info to Authorize CIM? Please provide more info ASAP. Thank you.

  • NYCapitalRadio

    We don't require you to authorize anything. We need a field just like the credit card charging field, but rather than you processing the payment, we need you to just collect all the information and submit it to us.