How to Add a Form to Ghost

April 15, 2022

Ghost is an open-source blogging platform. It is a user-friendly, straightforward, and simple platform that relies on a crisp and minimal user interface. 

Please continue reading below if you want to embed your Jotform form into your Ghost page or blog post.

Getting the Embed Code for Ghost

  1. In the Form Builder, go to the Publish tab.
  2. Click Platforms on the left.
  3. Search and click Ghost.
  1. Click the Copy Code button.

You now have the embed codes for Ghost.

Adding Form to Ghost

  1. In your Ghost dashboard, click Pages on the left side of the page.
  2. Assuming you’ve already created the page, click it to edit.
  1. In your Ghost editor, click the Plus (+) icon.
  2. Choose and click HTML block.
  1. Paste your form’s embed codes in the HTML box.
  1. Click outside of the HTML box to save it. At this stage, you should see a text that says Embedded Javascript, but the form is not displayed here.
  2. Click the Update link at the top of the page editor.
  3. Finally, click the Update button from the list of choices. You’re done embedding after that.
  1. View the page to verify if the form is displayed.

The above steps are for Ghost’s page. But the steps are the same if you want to add a form to your Ghost posts.

Ghost Pro is used in this guide, but the steps are the same for a self-installed Ghost website.

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