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November 26, 2021

Did you know you can create PayPal Payment Form with a FREE Jotform account?


Creating PayPal Forms with Jotform is quick and easy. Just follow the process below and you’ll be integrated with PayPal in no time.

We have a few different PayPal payment tools available. If you have a personal PayPal account, use the Paypal Personal tool. If you have a business PayPal account, you can use PayPal Commerce or PayPal Checkout (if you’re using PayPal Checkout, refer to this user guide).

Basic Options/Gateway Credentials

  1. PayPal Account – enter your PayPal account email address. If you’re using PayPal Commerce or Checkout, you need to authenticate your Paypal account in the settings.
  2. Currency – select the currency.

Payment Type Options

  1. Sell Products – this option includes any kind of one-time payment:
  • Shipped goods like t-shirts, mugs, and pencils
  • Digital goods like e-books, PDFs, and videos
  • Event registrations like concerts, conferences, and seminars

2. Sell Subscriptions – this option is for recurring payments. Once a user is signed up, their PayPal account will send you payments periodically. You can get these payments weekly, monthly, or yearly.

3. User Defined Amount – this option allows users to input a custom amount as a regular payment.

4. Collect Donations – this option allows users to input an amount as a donation.

Additional Gateway Settings

  1. Users Can Select Multiple Products – select “Yes” if you want users to be able to select multiple products.
  2. Show Total Price on the Form – select yes if you want to show the total amount on the form.
  3. Sandbox Mode – the PayPal Sandbox is a self-contained, virtual testing environment that mimics the live PayPal production environment. It provides a shielded space where you can initiate and watch your application process the requests you make to the PayPal APIs without touching any live PayPal accounts.
  4. Authorization Only – enable this option if you want to collect orders and charge customers at a later date. To learn more about this feature, check this guide: How to Enable Payment Authorization.
  5. Require Shipment Address – if you’ll be shipping a product to the user or need an address for some other purpose, select “Yes”.
  6. Checkout Language – select the language to be used on your checkout page.
  7. IPN Relay URL – if you are using PayPal with another provider that needs to get IPN messages, you can enter the provided URL in the box.
  8. Pending Payment Email – this option allows you to send an email to customers who fail to submit their payment on time. See this guide for more details: How to Set up Incomplete Payment Notification Email.
  9. Clickable Image Preview – enable this option to open product images in a lightbox window.
  10. Use Decimals – this is enabled by default. Select “No” if you don’t want to use decimals.
  11. Decimal Separator – you can choose to use decimal points or commas.
  12. Redirected PayPal Page Style – to learn more about this, see this page from PayPal:
  13. Checkout Logo – you can elect to display your custom logo on the checkout page. The image you upload will replace your email address and/or merchant ID.
  14. Checkout Cart Color – you can designate a border color to appear around the selected product items on the checkout page. Here’s an example of the checkout logo and color.

Setting up Your Products

Enter your product, prices, and options here. Each product must have a name and a price. You can also include an image for your product, set it as a required field, or make it selected by default.

To set up the quantity and additional options, see this guide: How to Add Options to Payment Forms.

Finalizing Your PayPal Form

After adding your product or subscription items, simply click the Save or Continue button to save your changes.

Optional Editing and Management

You can edit the label of your question by clicking on My Products. You can also click the wand icon to relaunch the payment wizard and update your product details.

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