Adding a form to Facebook (Custom iFrame App)

January 12, 2022

Adding forms to Facebook is quick and easy using JotForm. If you have already created your form in the form builder, follow the instructions below.

We use Static HTML: iframe tabs Facebook application on embedding the form to the Facebook page. You’ll learn how to add this application soon, but let’s first get our form iframe embed code for Facebook. Follow this guide:

Note: According to Facebook in this article, “Only Pages with 2,000 or more likes can create custom Page tabs”. This limitation applies to the custom tab used in this tutorial. This means that you can only install this custom tab if your page has 2,000 likes or more.

Adding Iframe App to your Facebook Page 

1. Go to your Facebook page and on the search bar enter “Static HTML: iframe tabs” or visit this link

add static html to a page

2. Click the “Add Static HTML to a Page” button

3. Choose your Facebook page to add the iframe tab and click the add button

Adding Form to Your Facebook Page 

1. Go to your Facebook page and find the Custom Iframe App you just installed. It is usually found under More options named “Welcome” tab as seen on the screenshot below. See FAQ section below if you want to change the default page tab name.

2. Click “Edit Tab” to add content to the Page Tab

3. There are two options you can choose to display your form on your Facebook page. The first one (Public Content) makes it available to everyone while the second one (Fan Content) makes it available only to your Facebook fans, or users who liked your Facebook page. Make sure to publish your page afterwards. Check the following screenshot.

Adding Another Tab to your Facebook Page (Multiple Tabs).

1. After Saving & Publishing your first tab, click Done Editing Tab button.

adding multiple tab to facebook page

2. While on the main page, click Tabs menu on the left and click “Add a new tab” orange button to add another tab to your Facebook page. If the page asks you to log in to your Facebook account, please do so, it might need a switch to your main Facebook account before you can add another tab.

adding new tab on facebook page

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. The page tab does not appear on mobile devices?Page tab apps are not supported on mobile devices by Facebook’s Platform. However, Static Iframe Tab App provides direct URL to your page tab that is viewable on mobile devices. To get your page direct URL, simply edit your Facebook tab and copy the link you see on the Tab URL box.  

static iframe tab

2. How to change the page tab name and tab image? These can be changed on the tab settings. Go to your tab settings and look for the Facebook Settings section. Under it, you’ll see Tab Name and Tab Image.

facebook page custom tab settings

———————————————————————————————————————————– Note:  Always use “Secure Form Embed Code” when embedding your form to Facebook. Make sure the form URL found on your form embed code starts with https://.  

It’s highly recommended to use “HTTPS” to avoid any security issues on the page since Facebook requires a secure protocol.

Alternative iFrame apps for your Facebook page 

1. iFrame Apps

2. Woobox Static HTML Iframe Tab

If you are stuck with any of the steps above or if you have further questions about this guide, feel free to post it in the comments section below.

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