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    Giovanni Biczo 
    Asked on January 13, 2021 at 05:32 AM

    Dear JotForm Team,

    As part of an ongoing effort to digitalize our Company’s processes, we are looking for a solution for creating E-forms.

    We are looking into options for creating or modifying forms either by ourselves or in an assisted manner, by the form provider.

    The ideal solution would support multiple form elements (Text/number/date inputs, radio buttons, checkboxes, select lists, etc.), multiple form field sources, such as fixed lists, or external data sources for field values.

    A crucial capability for the solution we are looking for is Workflow handling. The solution needs to support Form assignment, single and multi-step approvals, Custom workflows, workflow notifications, workflow-based access control, and custom API calls in the workflow after form submission/completion.

    From the authentication perspective, the best option would be to integrate with Azure AD, and be capable of accessing, targeting, displaying forms, or parts of forms based on groups.

    We are also interested in embedding forms in external systems and custom branding (custom URL, custom login page and custom CSS).

    The reporting capabilities we are looking for include ability to export report data and ability to connect to the reports programmatically.

    Initially we would require around 10 forms, which would be expanded in the future.

    An example of the forms and workflows we are looking for is Employment Change Request, where the Employment Change Request form would require the Sender to provide the current details of employment of the Employee, for whom the form is submitted, and the details of the change (role, department, new manager, new shift, etc.). Upon the initial submission, the form would be assigned to the initial Approver (indicated on the form during the submission or set automatically in the workflow). At this stage the Sender and Approver would both receive email notifications, and both would be able to access the form: the Sender would only be able to view, while the Approver would be able to approve. Upon approval, the Sender would receive a notification about the current status, and, if approved, the form would be assigned to the next Approver (or a Group) in the workflow. The previous Approver would be able to view and the new Approver would be able to approve. This would continue until all approval steps in the workflow are completed. The summary report / view would show all forms the user has access to (is either the Sender or was involved in the workflow). Each action would trigger email notifications to the Sender and all Approvers involved in the approval workflow thus far.

    The workflow is mapped on the attached diagram.

    Should you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

    Kind regards,

    Giovanni Biczó

    Business Improvement Analyst



    Email giovanni.biczo@covalensolutions.com

    Web: https://covalensolutions.com/

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    Answered on January 13, 2021 at 05:51 AM

    With JotForm, you can customize your form and add any types of fields. Please see these guides to help you get started:



    For your workflow requirements, that can be done by following this guide:


    As for login using Azure AD and displaying forms depending on group, unfortunately, this is not available with our regular plans. For Single Sign-On, that is available on our Enterprise plan.

    Same with using custom URLs, that is only available with our Enterprise plan.


    However, if you won't be upgrading to our Enterprise Plan, as a workaround with custom URLs, you can instead embed your form in your website:


    Meanwhile, for reporting, you can create PDF Documents and export them. We also have other report formats that you can choose from.




    Do let us know if you are interested in our Enterprise Plan so we can forward your questions to our dedicated Enterprise Support Team.

    For non-Enterprise concerns, don't hesitate to contact us anytime via our Support System.