Top 10 restaurant scheduling software systems

Whether it’s employees swapping shifts or managers creating events, restaurants are constantly creating and rearranging their employee schedules. That’s why it’s so important for restaurants, cafes, and bars to leverage restaurant scheduling software. 

Keeping all events, reservations, and timesheets in a dedicated online location not only helps the restaurant stay organized, but it also keeps all employees working seamlessly together. 

Here’s a look at the top 10 restaurant scheduling software tools and apps available to eateries today.

1. 7shifts

7shifts is one of the most popular restaurant scheduling software tools — establishments worldwide use it. This tool allows restaurant managers to create schedules, and manage and share changes with employees in an instant. 7shifts also empowers employees with real-time updates on schedule changes so they can easily pick up new shifts and request time off. 

The main goal of 7shifts is to make employee scheduling easier so it takes less time for everyone involved. In turn, using this tool empowers managers with the ability to organize their restaurant from anywhere.

2. Jolt

With Jolt, restaurant owners can create better workplaces through team accountability and employee performance metrics. These features offer insight into how employees behave and what everyone can do to improve service, especially as it relates to labor costs and revenue from food sales. 

These statistics ensure an optimal customer experience while promoting cleanliness, streamlined kitchen procedures, and accurate service reports. Jolt also has a digital food safety component that allows restaurant managers to check data on food temperature, inventory labeling, and automated temperature monitoring.

3. ZoomShift

ZoomShift is a restaurant scheduling software app that helps restaurants of all sizes save money on labor costs. Core features of the product include the ability to create and copy work schedules, boost employee accountability, and access all schedules and work preferences in a single location. 

ZoomShift also puts shift swapping into employee’s hands, which ensures that anyone who needs time off can make sure someone covers their shifts. Data on payroll costs and labor are also available from the ZoomShift app.

4. Humanity

Poor customer experience is one of the greatest contributors to a restaurant’s struggles. That’s why Humanity emphasizes the importance of positive customer interactions and supports such relationships through its app. 

Humanity’s restaurant scheduling software helps managers engage employees while giving them access to important information on last-minute schedule changes and high-demand days. 

Plus, Humanity is helpful for syncing and accessing all employee information so it’s updated and relevant anytime managers need data. Armed with essential restaurant data and a more engaged workforce, Humanity users have everything they need to provide an optimal customer experience.

5. Push

Push is an employee scheduling software tool that keeps restaurant staff on track. Push offers the unique ability to customize elements of the software, including rule creation, labor cost analysis, and schedule format. 

Managers can also view multiple schedules at once, which is helpful for comparing employee schedules and identifying opportunities for adding more shifts in relation to KPI goals. With the ability to see the value of shift swaps before they happen, you have more information when deciding whether to approve or deny them. 

Sales forecasting is easy with Push. You can view historical data from past years to better predict the future of your business. 

6. When I Work

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When I Work

When I Work is a top choice for restaurants in need of scheduling software. In addition to creating schedules and shifts, When I Work offers an employee messaging tool. By empowering employees to talk with one another in a safe, dedicated location, scheduling shifts and sharing company-wide messages has never been easier. 

This also ensures that managers have documentation for all online scheduling communication, allowing them to resolve conflicts when the need arises. Another perk of When I Work is that employees can clock in on the app from their phone, and managers can always see who’s on the clock. 

Larger restaurants may benefit from When I Work’s integrations with popular software like QuickBooks and Gusto.

7. Sling

From handling labor costs to time clocks, Sling is restaurant scheduling software that helps managers do it all. One of the greatest benefits is that Sling automates payroll data to run timesheet reports quickly — without the need to manually crunch numbers. Sling also makes it easy to assess and understand labor costs with projections on weekly and monthly spending. 

An internal messaging app helps managers communicate with employees one on one or in groups. There’s also a newsfeed feature, where managers can announce accomplishments and changes in a single dedicated location.

8. Harri

Harri is an employee scheduling tool that allows workers to quickly view, change, and give up shifts directly from the app. Another benefit of Harri is its user-friendly mobile interface, which makes it easy for all employees to master. 

Along with scheduling and time management features, Harri empowers restaurant owners with details and data on wage and hour compliance. Specifically, managers can set maximum hours, monitor each employee’s shifts, and clearly define work week standards. Such features are crucial for enabling restaurants to comply with wage and hour restrictions.

9. Restaurant Ops

Restaurant Ops is an employee scheduling tool specifically designed to help establishments take care of their main calendar needs without the fluff. 

This streamlined management tool offers integrations with other leading software tools, creating a seamless and simplified workflow across critical areas like accounting and scheduling. Restaurant Ops also has widgets that you can embed into your restaurant’s website, making online ordering easy. 

Last, Restaurant Ops offers mobile apps where employees can access menu changes and check in using GPS.

10. Schedulefly

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Adopting new software can sometimes feel overwhelming, especially when there’s already so much to do. But Schedulefly works to keep things simple and quick. 

Schedulefly’s staff scheduling features help managers better handle internal operations, including time off, schedule changes, and important announcements. While managing schedules can be frustrating, Schedulefly provides a simple, clean interface that both employees and managers can learn to use quickly. 

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