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How to Apply a Theme to Your Form

How to Apply a Theme to Your Form

Applying a Theme within the Form Builder

To apply a theme to your form in the form builder, follow these steps:

1. Open your form in the form builder

2. Click the Form Designer icon

3. Go to Themes tab and select the theme you wish to use.

Applying a Theme while on Theme Store Page

To apply a theme to your form while on the theme store page, follow these steps.

1. Go to

2. Click  the theme you wish to use. For example, the Brick Wall theme.

3. Click the Use Theme  button or the Preview button if you just want to have a look:

4. Select the form you wish to apply the selected theme.

5. Click the Install Theme and you're all set:

The form will redirect you the form designer, you can preview the form in the area or simply go back to your forms list.

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  • cjadeltas1975

    Can I create my own theme that is for my use only (not to be publicly shared)?

  • mkaradza

    Can we have 2 themes in 1 form? If so, how do we go about setting this up?

  • Dahirujotform

    Well I am just trying to get used to this. I am so lost. I jut need a 30 mins head start from you guys.

  • Joannejoe

    thanks just trying to learn what to do

  • Eileenburnell

    Hi, I am loving JotForm! but I am a bit stuck regarding themes, I have created a custom theme and saved it as A Theme. I them go to Themes and selected used Themes and select the theme I created. it shows on the Build form but not when I preview the form.

  • mitchclemmer

    Can I move the entire form over so it doesn't cover the picture in the background of the theme?

  • junkzilla

    Clone form button on the themes is not working properly. Page reloads, the theme flashes momentarily and then reverts back to the default.

  • junkzilla

    I agree with BeeGeo (previous msg) on this. The themes are not working. I've tried this multiple times.

  • BeeGeo

    I followed the instructions and applied the theme but it is not working. How can I fix this?

  • MSMUwebmaster

    I've got a group of sub-users and I want to share a theme I've created with them. How can I send the theme or place it where they can access and apply it to a new form?

  • asawdey

    Can you change the color of themes?

  • bishoplibrary

    I followed the instructions above and this doesn't work for me. Help!

  • jcbeautification

    How do I remove a theme if I no longer want to use it?