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How to Embed a Form to

How to Embed a Form to, a free blog-hosting service provider, has added support for Jotform. It is now possible to embed Jotform with This is also explained in this article, Now Supports JotForm Forms.

Here's a video tutorial:

To add a Jotform to a blog post follow these steps:

Navigate to PUBLISH > PLATFORMS > WORDPRESS.COM (blue WordPress icon).

Click the COPY CODE button then paste them on your page/post editor.

**Make sure that the Jotform URL is on its own line and not hyperlinked

If you have questions related to this guide, feel free to post them below.

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  • cdtcmpo

    Can I control the width of the embedded jotform? I have links & Resources on the right side of my website and the embeded link for the jotform overlaps it.

  • MingleMarkets

    Hi! We have followed the steps above which are very easy to understand! However, we are only getting half a form appear on our page! I can't figure out how to expand it so the whole form appears. Any advice you have would be great! Isla


    Hi, I want to embed the pre-frill form in wordpress site. is it possible?

  • dshorne

    I have been unable to get the form to show in my Wordpress sidebar. The site is I have posted the Embed code and also the iFrame code into the widget with no results. Not sure what to do next. I am linking to Mailchimp.

  • wheatonparks

    I tried many variations of the options posted on the JotForm interface and finally what worked for me:

    (I'm breaking this down in a very basic way because there are a lot of prompts and manners in which you can try to embed the content in your site but those ways were not successful for me)

    1. Login to JotForm account
    2. Go to My Forms
    3. Click form you wish to embed
    4. Under More menu, select "Publish"
    5. Click "Embed" in Publish window
    6. In the "Embed Options" drop-down menu select "Source Code"
    7. Copy and paste the source code into a Code Block element
    8. Click Publish

    Hope this helps someone.

  • deniskt

    Hi Welvin,

    i trust you are well.

    kindly help me out, i have a ccount with jotforms online and i created a form which i need to publish on my hosted wordpress website but am failing.

    kindly advise me on how to finalize this.

    The url for my form is:

    Thank You.

    kind regards

  • Eleadah

    Does anyone know how to get the form to work in a Sidebar Text Widget?

  • opeedo

    Hello I followed all the instruction and I discovered the form does not display on several browsers like Opera, Safari and UC Browser

  • allisouth

    I have the form on my website, using the Platform link. Once you complete the form, it just sits at "please wait" and never completes. Have tried from 3 different locations to rule out my internet. I even deleted the link and re-posted. Still not working. Thank you!

  • amethystangel

    I have tried every which way, following some of the advice on the posts here, but it always comes out as a link, not as a form. This was my test, using one of my current forms on a site I don't use anymore

    any ideas? I would love to move my website to wordpress, I only kept it where it was because jotform was incompatible with!


  • Firbec

    It doesn't work me. I've tried everything written here and still got just a link to the form.

    Any suggestions? Tnx!

  • RycheleKalilikane

    Hi there, So, it totally works! You just need to paste it the direct link that jotform creates for you in your the text box of your post or page content for your site, and publish! Once it's published, you can view it.

  • rebeccasaniga

    I can't get thid to work with I paste the code but when I publish and view the page it is blank. When I go back to edit, the code is gone.

  • jjb2

    found the issue: one needs to paste link (no customized link)

  • jjb2

    it shows a link, but not a form...

  • dalengarris

    I think it only shows after it has been published. The preview won't show it.
    I use my Wordpress blog to RSS into my Madmimi mailout automatically. I wonder if the form will still show when it gets forwarded to MM or will that show a blank page?

  • expat1uk

    But can I embed the actual form on a page in

    Thank you!

  • CP_Photography

    Hello, the form is not showing up on my page after following your instructions, only the URL. Please help?

  • surfinscherfen

    Can I embed form in Dreamweaver page?

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