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JotForm Mobile App Lets You View And Share Forms Quickly

JotForm Mobile App Lets You View And Share Forms Quickly

Sometimes you might be on the go and you probably don't have your computer with you but with all things considering you most likely have your phone or tablet with you.

In these cases if for some reason you run into that one person that you want to show off your form or have them fill in your form then just know it's possible to allow it with the use your Mobile Device and the Jotform Mobile App!

There are two main ways to do this:
Method #1 (Fastest) -

Step 1:  Open the app to view your Submissions Listing

Step 2:  Tap on a Submission from the Submissions Listing of the form you wish to View and this will take you to viewing the submission and its information.

Step 3:  In the Submissions Viewer of the form you selected Tap on the Form Title at top and this will immediately open up the Form in your devices default browser. You can then use the form or copy the form url from the mobile browser's address bar if needed.

Method #2 -

Step 1:  Open the app to view your Submissions Listing.

Step 2:  Press the Menu Icon in the upper left to view your My Forms Listing.

Step 3:  From here find the Form that you wish to View or Use.

Step 4:  Touch and Hold over the Form Title then Swipe-to-the-Right which will reveal a new option that appears as a White Page Icon. Tap this White Page Icon and that will open up your form in your devices default browser to let you use or copy it.

Both of these Methods above will let you view your form since it will open your form to be viewed from within your default mobile browser.

You can then either use it to fill out or copy the form link to share elsewhere whether it be a text message an email app or some other method of your choice.

If you have any thoughts or problems with this just send us an email to or leave a detailed thread about it in our Forum.

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  • Powertalk

    I sent a form to a friend for evaluation through whatsapp. I would like to take it back from him or deactivate it.