How to Set Up the Multiple Choices or Single Choice With Limited Quantity?

February 28, 2024

In the Jotform builder, you can find the essential elements like Multiple Choices and Single Choice. These fields allow you to set up multiple items where your end-users can select multiple options or single option. But that’s only it, basic. What if you want to limit the quantity of each item in these fields? You cannot do it with Multiple Choices or Single Choice. Our Inventory, Appointment Slots, Ticket Purchases, and Gift Registry widgets would help you accomplish it.

In this guide, we will show you how to set up these widgets and help you with the decision what widget to use.

If there is a need to require users a minimum selection, use the Ticket Purchases widget. If you want a quantity selector for each item, use the Inventory or Gift Registry widget. Note that Gift Registry and Quantity Gift Registry widgets are two separate widgets.

  1. Once decided, click on the Add Form Elements button from the left, select the Widgets tab and search the widget you need.
  2. Click on it to add the widget to the form. For example, the Weekly Appointment Planner widget.
  1. In the Appointment times box, add the slots you want to display. Separate each of them with a new line. For the available quantity, enclose the number by curly brackets.

Monday {10} where 10 is the available quantity. 

If you do not want to limit the slot, put {unlimited} instead of the number — for example, Saturday {unlimited}.


Pro Tip

If you want your clients to schedule an appointment in your form in a calendar with timeslots, use our Appointment element. The Appointment element lets you control the Maximum Number of Appointments Per Day and Maximum Attendee Per Time Slot for Group booking.


Please check this article for more details of the appointment field.

  1. For the widget options, you have the following:
    • Min Selection: This option is only available for the Ticket Purchases widget. This option is useful if you want to require a minimum selection.
    • Max Selection: There is no Single Choice of these widgets, but if you’re going to limit the selection to One (1), set it to this box.
    • Counter Label: This comes after the available quantity. The term “available” is the default, change to any text you want to display.
    • Unlimited Label: The label of items that have no limit. Its default is “UNLIMITED“. Change the text to your preferred label. If the items are related to appointments, the label “Always Available” would be more appropriate.
    • None Available: The label of the item that has no available quantity left.
  1. Click on the Update Widget button when you are done, and that’s it!

You can view the widgets in our demo form here:

If you have any questions regarding this guide or questions related to the widgets, please let us know in the comments box below or reach us through our support forum.

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