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How to View Incomplete Submissions in JotForm Sheets

How to View Incomplete Submissions in JotForm Sheets

When autofill or save and continue is enabled (classic and card), form users can save their partial data if they decide to stop for other matters or simply save to prevent loss of data. They are provided or sent a link to continue. When partial data is saved, that is considered an Incomplete Submissions

If in case users lost their session from their browser or accidentally deleted the session email or you simply want to view or delete the incomplete submissions, you can now do it through the Sheets page. To get into the list of incomplete submissions, please do the below steps:

1. Go to the My Forms page.

2. Click the form to select it.

3. Click the Submissions button at the top toolbar or click More > View Submissions option:

4. Click the three dots to open the tab menu and click the Incomplete Submissions option.

5. If you want to view the incomplete submission, click the View button to open the form with the incomplete submission in a new tab.

6. If you want to delete the incomplete submission, click the Delete button instead. Confirm the deletion on the popup screen.

7. If you would like to delete multiple incomplete submissions at once, select the submissions from the list and click to the Delete button.

Note that we are storing Incomplete Submissions forever. They'll sit in the form unless deleted.

We also do not recommend viewing sessions on your classic forms and moving on pages (multipage forms) unless you are sure that the owner is not viewing the same session to their end as doing so will override the data. 

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  • OldDomEMSAlliance

    If you delete an incomplete submission will it appear in the trash or will it completely gone?

  • stephaniemoura

    I want to view the incomplete submissions of a multi pages form... is possible?

  • GEJohnsonConstruction

    Is there a way to change the field which is displayed? The session ID wouldn't be helpful if I am looking for a specific company's incomplete form, I would need to look through each one. Can the Company name be displayed instead of the Session ID?

  • Publiceye

    Hi - I can see them, but my client who I have added as a user see the old format and can't "VIEW"