How Jotform Apps Differs from Jotform Mobile Forms?

April 3, 2024

Although Jotform Apps and Jotform Mobile Forms may sound similar, they’re completely different. These two offerings from Jotform cater to distinct needs, whether you’re looking to create custom apps or manage forms efficiently on your mobile devices

What Is Jotform Apps?

Jotform Apps is an app builder that lets you create your own mobile apps. You can use it to create portals to your sites, documents, and forms for easy access.

The ACME app in Jotform App Builder

While publishing apps in app stores (like Apple App Store or Google Play) is not currently supported, Jotform Apps utilizes Progressive Web App (PWA) technology, allowing users to install the app on their mobile devices or access it directly on their web browsers.

The Jotform App's Add to Home Screen dialog

See How to Create and Publish Jotform Apps to learn more.

What Is Jotform Mobile Forms?

Jotform Mobile Forms is Jotform’s primary mobile app. It allows you to perform most of the same actions you do on the web version of Jotform like creating, editing, and viewing forms and submissions.

Jotform Mobile Forms

You can use Jotform Mobile Forms to collect data, manage submissions, and stay productive while on the go. To learn more, visit Mobile Forms – Help Guide.

In summary, Jotform Apps focuses on app creation and customization, while Jotform Mobile Forms provides essential form-related functionality on mobile devices. If you need to build custom apps, explore Jotform Apps; for form-related tasks, use Jotform Mobile Forms.

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