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    Alyce Bittar 
    Asked on July 23, 2021 at 09:21 AM
    1. Can those filling out forms be able to save and return to filing it out? If so how can this be done?
    2. Can all the collected info be automatically put into google sheets?
    3. How will images be stored in google sheets once the form is submitted?
    4. Downloadable link? Actual image? Not possible? Separate logging in application?
    5. Once a form is completed, can an email with a PDF version be sent to the applicant and my company?
    6. Needs to be set up or automatic?
    7. How will the form be available to those that we want to send it to?
    8. Link? 
    9. Can my forms be accessible to potential partners through a link on my company's website?
    10. What is the pricing? or is it all Free?

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    Answered on July 23, 2021 at 11:16 AM


    1. Yes, your users can save the form and return later to complete the submission. This can be enabled from the form settings. To learn more, visit the following link:
    2. Yes, we do offer Google Sheet integration, so all collected data can be stored there as well:
    3. If you have an upload field on your form, you will see links to files in your Google Sheets.
    4. Yes, you can create and customize PDF Documents and send them to anyone you need to. By default, one Notification email will be created, and it will be sent to the email from your account. If you need to send it to others and attach PDF Documents, you will need to configure this manually:
    5. Setting up Email Notifications
    6. How to Include Submissions as PDF Attachment in the Email Notifications
    7. Yes, you can share a direct link to your form with those who need to complete it. You can also embed it into your website, so your users can fill it in from there.
    8. You can add links to forms on your website. You can also embed the complete form into your website, so your users don't need to it to fill the form:
    9. Pricing depends on your needs. With a free account, you get 100 submissions per month, 100 MB, and 5 active forms (among other limits). You can learn about prices and limits at the following links:
    10. Understanding Your Account Usage and Limits
    11. Pricing and limits for plans

    Let us know if you have any additional questions.