Approval Templates for Marketing

8 Templates

Design Approval Process Template

Manage approvals for your creative agency. Free automated approval flow template. Add project leads and clients as approvers. Send automated emails. No coding.


Social Media Content Approval Process Template

Manage social media strategy with an automated approvals process. Premade approval flow template for your team. Send autoresponder emails. No coding.


Website Content Request Approval Process Template

Manage requests to add or update website content. Automated approval flow template. Great for design and content teams. Send emails instantly. No coding.


Affiliate Approval Process Template

Find creators to promote your business. Free automated approval flow template for affiliate programs. Get applications fast. Add approvers, emails, and more.


Newsletter Approval Process Template

Process newsletter requests seamlessly on any device. Great for marketing departments. Easy-to-customize online approval flow. Send notifications, emails, and more.


Press Release Approval Process Template

Review press releases online. Great for legal teams or PR managers. Easy-to-customize automated approval flow. Send notifications, emails, and more automatically.


Publishing Approval Process Template

Streamline your publishing approval process. Send automated approval or denial emails, set up notifications, and add new participants. Easy drag-and-drop customization.


Publishing Agreement Approval Process Template

Review publishing agreements fast with an automated online approval flow. View agreement details and approve or deny in a single click. Customize with no coding.


About Marketing

Your marketing team is dedicated to showcasing the best of your company — so why not make your internal approval processes great too? Streamline the way your team processes and responds to internal content and design requests with Jotform’s free Approval Templates for Marketing! To get started, choose the one that best suits your needs and update it in just a few clicks by adding approvers, custom emails, and more workflow elements if needed. When someone asks for marketing content through your online request form, their request will automatically be forwarded to approvers for review. You’ll be able to track every step of the process in Jotform Inbox, so no request will go unanswered. Make it easier for your marketing team to communicate with other departments and meet company goals with Jotform’s Approval Templates for Marketing!