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  • Multipurpose WordPress themes have become increasingly popular in recent years. They offer you the ability to create any type of website for the price of a single theme, and come with a large number of features. As you probably know, our friends at TemplateMonster released Monstroid, a mega theme that will work for any project, whether it is a regular business website or an online store. Released just a few months ago, it’s already sold more than 1,500 licenses. We’re happy to announce that today you have a chance to receive a copy of Monstroid, for free.

    Monstroid from TemplateMonster
  • We are proud to have thousands of users in every European country. Until recently, we were part of what was known as the “Safe Harbor” framework, which allowed US companies to store data for their European customers in the US. Unfortunately, a European court recently invalidated the Safe Harbor framework.

    This decision put many American companies, and their customers, in a tough spot. Most common solutions included stopping service in Europe, or getting the European users to sign a more legalese, called a "model contract clause."

    There was no way JotForm would stop serving our European customers, but it's unclear if creating more terms and conditions for our users would be a permanent solution.

    We decided to swallow the bitter medicine instead and fix this correctly.

    Transfer My Data to EU Now

  • Recently some of you may have noticed our interface has changed slightly. The toolbar button to get your form embed code has been updated from Embed Form/Source Code to a simple Publish button. Once you finish building your form, you can now click on Publish to get the codes for your form from our attractive new interface.

    Publish Interface
  • When people ask me what JotForm is, I sometimes find myself fumbling for a good answer. Do I tell them what JotForm really is? It’s an online form builder. That means little to most people. Who in the world needs a form builder? Do I share what it’s similar to? JotForm is like Google Forms, but comes with a lot more options- such as integrations with SalesForce and PayPal to collect contact info, or money. Great. Now if the person I’m talking to happens to need a mini-store or a CRM, they’re in. I can fall back to our tried and true slogan of “helps you create and publish online forms without writing a single line of code.” The thing is, the vast majority of people go about their lives without writing a single line of code. It’s hard to appreciate what you’re missing if you never miss it.

    Swiss Army Knife
  • It’s always exciting to share great news. Today, we get to share great news for all JotForm users. All links and embed codes on our new Publish user interface are secure by default. In conjunction with this, we no longer limit our free users to just 10 secure submissions. All form submissions, whether secure or regular, will be counted the same.

    Secure Submissions with JotForm

  • At JotForm, we’re actually thankful for Google Forms. They’ve helped introduce many people to the wonderful world of form building. They provide a simple method for creating an online form, which is great news for a lot of individuals and organizations. But what if you’re looking for a form builder that does more? What if you need payment collection; integrations with the systems already used by your office; and the ability to make your form gorgeous?

    JotForm isn’t new to this whole form building game. We started in 2006 with a mission to enable anyone the ability to create their own web forms from scratch. Since then? Over million users have created awesome forms using our platform, including hundreds of Fortune 500 companies and major universities; and tens of thousands of small businesses, teachers, and nonprofits around the world.

    We thought we’d introduce you to some of the reasons why users have upgraded to JotForm from Google Forms.

  • Many companies shoot off into the sky like a firework, exploding impressively and garnering applause. But then they quickly fizzle out, blending into the night sky leaving only smoke as a reminder that they once were great. Rather than seeking pomp and circumstance, JotForm has flown under the radar. What started as a flicker has slowly burned brighter and brighter each day since 2006.

    JotForm Dev Team
  • (by our newly hired Director of Public Relations)

    When I first applied to work at JotForm, I didn’t know what it was, let alone know how easy it was to use. Once I started the interview process, I figured it was time to browse the site and see what the fuss was about. I always thought that even the most basic form requires development expertise. This ranges from creating a form using HTML fields, developing fallback code for older browsers, to testing the form on a variety of desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

    The old way to build forms, manually
  • Getting people to work together can be hard. JotForm not only succeeds at this, but excels. We do so with people in two main offices, and exotic locations around the world. Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Turkey, the Netherlands, and Montenegro are all places JotForm has been built and maintained. How does this happen?

    Colacated Teams Working Together
    JotFormers working together in the office
  • How about stable, consistent, and successful?

    JotForm started quietly enough. In 2005 I was working as a developer for a media company in New York when I realized how impossible it was for non-technically skilled people to create their own online forms. Building them the old fashioned way required technical expertise and loads of time. So I decided to fix that with the world's first WYSIWYG form builder.

    In a 2011 Entrepreneur article about tips on being a successful bootstrapped company, they said, “it may seem counterintuitive, but slow, steady growth is preferable to fast, explosive growth.” And that’s just what JotForm did. We grew slow, methodically, and steadily in those early years. It took from 2006 to 2013 to get our first one million users. Our second million? Well, that came a little faster.

  • If you thought Fridays were the day to kick up your feet and hang out by the water cooler, JotForm might not be your kind of place.

    That’s because Fridays at JotForm are Demo Days, where our developers gather ‘round to talk about what they’ve worked on over the past week and/or what they’ve learned. This is a great way for everyone in the office to hear feedback from other team members, and for the whole team to take part in a greater learning experience. 

    Demo Day 1

  • We teamed up with Rafflecopter, the world's easiest way to run a giveaway, to celebrate the launch of our Apple Watch app by running a giveaway together. Thousands of entries later, we've awarded our prizes. With the chances of being picked at 0.03%, we now have the results!

    Congratulations to the grand prize winner of the Apple Watch Giveaway: Courtney! 

    Apple Watch GiveAway

    An additional congratulations to the runner up winners who have won JotForm & Rafflecopter swag packs.
    A big thank you to everyone who entered our giveaway. Be sure to use Rafflecopter whenever you would like to run your own!
  • Ten days before Christmas in 2014, JotForm announced the launch of a first of a kind Theme Store. This early holiday gift to all JotForm users is a collection of themes dedicated entirely to web forms. From it people can select any style they like and apply it to their forms. It gives JotForm users the ability to make their forms look amazing, with just a click of a button.

    Here we are many months later, and the results are in- people love the theme selections and their ease of use. The process is simple. Create a form as you normally would with our form builder, adding fields, widgets, and integrations. Then press the Theme Store button in the form builder toolbar and select the theme you’d like. In seconds your form can move from the default look and feel, to sleek stylized masterpieces.

  • Adding extra power to your forms is one of the reasons people love JotForm. Beyond simple forms fields such as text, file uploads, and dropdowns, JotForm has close to 400 widgets. These include a wide range of specialized fields including fancy checkboxes, image sliders, and signature fields. If you haven’t already, be sure to check out all our widgets which can really make your forms stand out.

    There’s great news! We just added a new widget that all users can enjoy- the XVerify Email widget. It’s a simple email field that will verify that the email address users enter on your form is correct and working.

    Xverify email addresses
  • Close your eyes and try to imagine a world where the prices you pay now would never rise a single cent. Now open your eyes!

    We at JotForm wanted to let you in on a special deal: upgrade to one of our existing paid plans now and be locked in to that price forever — even as we restructure our prices for everyone else on August 15th.

    This is our way of saying thank you to our loyal users. We’ve always felt like easy form building should be accessible to everyone, and we’ll still have a pricing structure that reflects that. But if you lock in one of our original prices, you can keep partying like it’s 2006 for years to come!

    We’re going to keep the new features coming, promising you the simplist way to build forms, design themes, collect payments, and much more.

    And if you’re already enjoying a paid plan and are happy with what you have, don’t worry. You’re locked in to that price as well. However, if you’re enjoying a free plan and have thought about upgrading, now is a great time.

    So what do you say? Upgrade to an original price today!

    Pricing Podo
  • Form builder apps are some of the most versatile tools out there. There's really no limit to what you can do with forms: generate leads on your website, register attendees for an event, make an easy place for people to contact you, or even build an order form.

    However, capturing that information is just a piece of the puzzle. What do you do with all that new data? Traditionally you'd need to export the data out of your form app, and then manually enter it by hand into any of the multitude of apps you use to run your business. But wouldn't it be great if that data automatically appeared in those other apps you're using? Enter Zapier.

    With Zapier, you can automatically have that data directly entered into other apps you're using. You could have leads go directly to your CRM or turn contact form entries directly into tickets in your help desk system—and so much more. We asked a few people who are automating their JotForm data with Zapier to share their stories on how they are getting the most out of automating their form entries.

    JotForm + Zapier
  • (A product review for our friends at Template Monster)

    Introducing Monstroid

    In the peak of their popularity for all-in-one themes, the guys from TemplateMonster have launched their most ambitious project yet – Monstroid.

    What exactly is Monstroid and why is it the only theme you need for WordPress sites? It’s like a Swiss army knife of WordPress Themes, for starting any WordPress-based website. It’s the result of thirteen years leading the world of website templates, so we decided to take a closer look.
  • JotForm has always been secure in our almost ten years of being the easiest online form builder. Well, we just raised the bar higher. Now you have the ability to designate your forms as encrypted. An Encrypted Form is one where the user’s responses are transferred and stored in an encrypted format. They are encrypted in the browser of the person filling out the form, and can’t be seen by anyone else at any time. This added level of security is of most interest to users handling the most sensitive data with extra privacy needs.

    Encrypted Forms

  • Hello there! I’m Podo, a friendly cat with a knack for building purrrfect forms. It’s nice to finally meet you :)

  • July 4th is almost here, so you know what that means! Fireworks, barbeques, and a lot of red, white, and blue. What better way to celebrate America’s independence than a party with your all of your friends and family? With JotForm, you can create an invitation that allows for the collection of all and any information that you may need. Your friends and family can RSVP through the invitation, as well as answer any additional information that you require, such as what items they’re bringing to share if your party is potluck style. You can design the invitation to fit the theme, and send it off to your friends and family through email! You can be notified each time a guest RSVPs.

    Here’s a quick how-to that will help you celebrate in style.

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