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  • Forms can look unnecessarily daunting if they’re too muddled with irrelevant form fields. There’s only so many times a form visitor will click “N/A” before they may get frustrated and give up on the form. There’s an easy solution: use conditional logic for cleaner forms which will improve the user experience and get you more conversions on your forms.

    So what is conditional logic? Conditional logic allows you to configure your form to show or hide form fields, sections, or pages based on user selections. This allows you to easily control what information your form visitor is asked to provide and tailor the form specifically to their needs.

  • We want to create a pricing structure that makes the most sense for all of our users. With that in mind, starting tomorrow, we're modifying our monthly packages to count the number of times your forms are viewed each month. It’s structured similarly to how we’ve developed our submission limits, only 10 times the amount.

  • Here at the JotForm office, we're poppin' bottles, throwing confetti all over the carpet, and giving Podo a well-deserved cat treat. Why? We're celebrating JotForm's 10-year anniversary. Since we now have a decade of form building in the books, we'd like to invite you to join us in celebration by checking out our 10 new form themes. Enjoy! 

  • We’re busy bees here at the JotForm headquarters. But this week’s task has been especially challenging: determining the perfect Podo sticker to order for office and users. We recently ordered small batches from our friends at Sticker Mule and wanted to find out which ones were right for us to order in large quantities.

  • We’ve listened, and we’re happy to announce that JotForm now seamlessly integrates with VerticalResponse, a powerful email marketing service. Now it’s easier than ever for small businesses and nonprofits to build their email lists in VerticalReponse using JotForm.
  • Below is a guest post from Chris Gallo at Highrise that gives great advice on tools to utilize for your helpdesk. Highrise is a terrific, clean CRM tool that JotForm seamlessly integrates with.

    Highrise as a product has been running since 2007 - we've been through our fair share of customer support questions, issues, and fires.

    It isn't always easy.

  • Can you think of 2 million ways to use JotForm? Just ask each of our users! Because now there there are more JotForm users than the populations of Seattle, Denver, and Washington D.C… combined!

    When JotForm launched nearly a decade ago, the idea of 2 million users was almost unimaginable. But here we are today -- and we’re not slowing down any time soon.

    Here’s a look at all JotForm users by the numbers:

  • Amid cheers, champagne, fireworks, family, and friends, we’re off to a good start in 2016. At JotForm we couldn’t be more excited about what we have planned. Here’s a quick glimpse of what’s in store for our vibrant community of online form builders.

    JotForm Fireworks
  • (a post from our friends at InkThemes. Enter your favorite InkTheme Theme in the comments to win!)

    InkThemes Cover

    Establishing an online presence on the web seems hard. How does one go about putting the face of their company online? With the advent of third party tools, building websites has become much easier. WordPress is one of the easiest ways to get your website online, with tens of millions of sites built upon its framework. And the beauty of it? You can readily change the look and feel of your WordPress site just by switching its theme.

    Once you have WordPress installed, you can upload any theme you like. Here’s some of the best ones from our friends a InkThemes.
  • JotForm 2015 Growth Banner

    So many things happened in 2015 it’s hard to keep track of. We had a diverse set of feature releases. Many were prompted by unexpected market changes. Our initial plan this year was to rebuild the form builder, which we’ve just begun. Check out all the twists and turns that 2015 threw at us. We made the most of these resulting in a better JotForm, and happier customers.

  • Financial planning is a tricky business. Becoming an expert in financial matters is hard enough by itself, but the most successful advisors have to master a completely separate skill: building a business.

    That’s exactly what David Chazin did, who is the managing director of his own financial planning company, Insight Wealth Strategies, which has offices in Northern California and Houston. The Insight team comprises of 25 people which includes 10 planners and 15 employees. Insight operates as a registered representative of the Fortune 500 company, Lincoln Financial Advisors -- an organization from which Mr. Chazin has won multiple “Planner of the Year” awards.

    Where some advisors are more passive with their client acquisition, David built a robust sales and marketing team. The team lines up eager prospects by way of direct mail marketing, cold calling, events, and, yes, even JotForm. With all of the attention the practice was putting into marketing, it needed an online form for collecting leads on its website that was dependable, powerful, and easy to set up.

  • Said by some to be the “future of PayPal,” popular payment platform Braintree is quickly becoming the tool of choice for consumers and businesses alike. An acquisition and subsidiary of PayPal, Braintree gives you the latest in payment prowess, if not the market leading user experience. Dubbed by insiders as a response to Stripe's competing service, Braintree thrives on what it does best- processing payments while making account management simple and easy.

    Braintree PayPal Logo

    JotForm is excited to announce our integration with Braintree, adding it to our growing offering of payment integration platforms. What does that mean? It means you can quickly and easily set up a store, collect donations, or subscriptions using PayPal, Stripe, and now Braintree, among numerous other regionally preferred payment vendors.
  • Multipurpose WordPress themes have become increasingly popular in recent years. They offer you the ability to create any type of website for the price of a single theme, and come with a large number of features. As you probably know, our friends at TemplateMonster released Monstroid, a mega theme that will work for any project, whether it is a regular business website or an online store. Released just a few months ago, it’s already sold more than 1,500 licenses. We’re happy to announce that today you have a chance to receive a copy of Monstroid, for free.

    Monstroid from TemplateMonster
  • We are proud to have thousands of users in every European country. Until recently, we were part of what was known as the “Safe Harbor” framework, which allowed US companies to store data for their European customers in the US. Unfortunately, a European court recently invalidated the Safe Harbor framework.

    This decision put many American companies, and their customers, in a tough spot. Most common solutions included stopping service in Europe, or getting the European users to sign a more legalese, called a "model contract clause."

    There was no way JotForm would stop serving our European customers, but it's unclear if creating more terms and conditions for our users would be a permanent solution.

    We decided to swallow the bitter medicine instead and fix this correctly.

    Transfer My Data to EU Now

  • Recently some of you may have noticed our interface has changed slightly. The toolbar button to get your form embed code has been updated from Embed Form/Source Code to a simple Publish button. Once you finish building your form, you can now click on Publish to get the codes for your form from our attractive new interface.

    Publish Interface
  • When people ask me what JotForm is, I sometimes find myself fumbling for a good answer. Do I tell them what JotForm really is? It’s an online form builder. That means little to most people. Who in the world needs a form builder? Do I share what it’s similar to? JotForm is like Google Forms, but comes with a lot more options- such as integrations with SalesForce and PayPal to collect contact info, or money. Great. Now if the person I’m talking to happens to need a mini-store or a CRM, they’re in. I can fall back to our tried and true slogan of “helps you create and publish online forms without writing a single line of code.” The thing is, the vast majority of people go about their lives without writing a single line of code. It’s hard to appreciate what you’re missing if you never miss it.

    Swiss Army Knife
  • It’s always exciting to share great news. Today, we get to share great news for all JotForm users. All links and embed codes on our new Publish user interface are secure by default. In conjunction with this, we no longer limit our free users to just 10 secure submissions. All form submissions, whether secure or regular, will be counted the same.

    Secure Submissions with JotForm

  • At JotForm, we’re actually thankful for Google Forms. They’ve helped introduce many people to the wonderful world of form building. They provide a simple method for creating an online form, which is great news for a lot of individuals and organizations. But what if you’re looking for a form builder that does more? What if you need payment collection; integrations with the systems already used by your office; and the ability to make your form gorgeous?

    JotForm isn’t new to this whole form building game. We started in 2006 with a mission to enable anyone the ability to create their own web forms from scratch. Since then? Over million users have created awesome forms using our platform, including hundreds of Fortune 500 companies and major universities; and tens of thousands of small businesses, teachers, and nonprofits around the world.

    We thought we’d introduce you to some of the reasons why users have upgraded to JotForm from Google Forms.

  • Many companies shoot off into the sky like a firework, exploding impressively and garnering applause. But then they quickly fizzle out, blending into the night sky leaving only smoke as a reminder that they once were great. Rather than seeking pomp and circumstance, JotForm has flown under the radar. What started as a flicker has slowly burned brighter and brighter each day since 2006.

    JotForm Dev Team
  • (by our newly hired Director of Public Relations)

    When I first applied to work at JotForm, I didn’t know what it was, let alone know how easy it was to use. Once I started the interview process, I figured it was time to browse the site and see what the fuss was about. I always thought that even the most basic form requires development expertise. This ranges from creating a form using HTML fields, developing fallback code for older browsers, to testing the form on a variety of desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

    The old way to build forms, manually
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