How 6 industries are being transformed by Jotform Enterprise

How 6 industries are being transformed by Jotform Enterprise

Jotform Enterprise is revolutionizing the way that organizations think about data.

Industries that have historically relied on paper forms and systems are shifting to digital solutions, and for good reason. More secure, easier to fill out, and faster to send, online forms are leaps and bounds ahead of physical paperwork when it comes to efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Let’s look at six industries undergoing a digital transformation, fueled by the capabilities of solutions like Jotform Enterprise.


Forms are the front line for nearly all public-facing government processes. Securing a driver’s license, registering to vote, applying for a student loan, filing taxes, and countless other government processes all start with a form.

Though often loathed, government forms don’t need to be difficult. With Jotform Enterprise, creating, deploying, and filling out these forms is a breeze. Conditional logic and smart widgets mean faster, easier form-filling for citizens, and backend workflow tools like Jotform Tables and Approvals mean process automation for government employees. Also, encrypted forms, local data residency, and high-level Admin Console oversight give governments access to industry-leading security for keeping sensitive data safe.

For open enrollment, we had 760 submissions and did everything using Jotform Enterprise. Without Jotform, we would’ve had to send 760 paper enrollment forms, track them back down, then manually enter them in our system.

Fernanda Acurio, human resources manager, City of Chandler, Arizona


While class registration processes have shifted online in many major universities, paper quizzes, evaluations, worksheets, and event registration forms still plague the modern classroom.

Jotform Enterprise offers educational institutions a simple solution: one platform for collecting and managing all their data. With Jotform Enterprise, educational institutions around the world are consolidating class registration, e-signature collection, scholarship applications, event coordination, and student data intake all in one place — cutting out the need for multiple, expensive, disconnected applications.

Sergio Travieso, director of digital evolution at Universidad Francisco de Vitoria, says, “Now that we have Jotform Enterprise to collect and manage data, we can dedicate more time to our mission, helping our students to become great professionals and better individuals. Collecting information by email and paper was painful. Jotform Enterprise is a really good way to digitize and share information.”


What’s the first thing you do when visiting a new doctor or hospital? For most, it’s filling out the dreaded paperwork. From patient intake forms to medical history reports, healthcare is a paper-heavy industry. However, this is changing.

Digital forms with integrated e-signature functionality from Jotform Enterprise provide not only a quicker, easier patient onboarding experience, but also more security for protected health information (PHI), especially when using encrypted forms and HIPAA solutions. Mobile form-filling eliminates the risks associated with transporting and storing PHI in paper forms that can be lost or damaged. It also makes providing care easier for nurses and doctors.

“What makes Jotform Enterprise unique is the level of security it offers combined with the ability to store data, produce custom reports, and build conditional logic into surveys,” says Jeannine Smith, PMDip-Diabetics registered dietician at Canadian care provider Body Brave. “We didn’t find anything else as comprehensive with the level of security that we, as healthcare providers, need to deliver services. It’s incredibly useful.”


From planting trees to providing disaster relief, nonprofit organizations are in the business of doing good. And just like any business, nonprofits can face logistical challenges regarding data collection and organization.

Going digital is helping to break down these logistical barriers. With electronic volunteer registration forms, cloud-based donor management, and online donation collection, nonprofit organizations are finding enormous value in shifting away from legacy paper processes with Jotform Enterprise. Local data residency and compliance solutions are also making it easier to keep volunteer and donor data safe and secure.

Organizations that run largely on donations and government funding (nonprofits, education, NGOs) now have the same tools that the tech giants have, but at a fraction of the price. Companies like Jotform Enterprise have a huge opportunity to create a lot of good.

Ayyoub Ajmi, founder,

Business services

From accounting and finance firms to marketing and consulting agencies, business service providers are essential to organizations worldwide. With the advent of remote and hybrid work, business service providers have been able to drastically increase their reach by providing services digitally.

Providing digital services, though, requires digital infrastructure. Luckily, Jotform Enterprise provides thousands of business service providers worldwide with an all-in-one platform for data intake, client management, payment collection, and more. With digital lead generation forms and automated email workflows, business service organizations leverage the platform to drive unprecedented automation and efficiency.

We have 25% time saved on processing data with Jotform Enterprise. Two-week projects are taking us a week and a half. It’s never taking us that full two weeks anymore.

Caleb Griffin, software development manager, iTotem

Field service management

One of the most important aspects of field service management is collecting data in the field. Whether completing an in-office safety inspection or recording vehicle maintenance at a job site miles away from any Wi-Fi signal, field service employees need to be able to record information quickly and easily.

Jotform Enterprise makes it simple to not only collect data in the field with mobile forms and apps, but also collect payment for services with invoices and work order forms. Jotform Mobile Forms work seamlessly on any mobile device or tablet, even without an internet connection, making data collection for your staff easy and efficient.

Using a mobile app for on-the-go form-filling with Jotform Enterprise, UK-based electrical and highway services provider Electrical Testing Ltd cut on-site risk assessment times by 50 percent.

“We use Jotform very dynamically in the field. Our guys use mobile form filling for everything from logging daily driving hours to conducting on-site risk assessments,” says James Barker, technical director at Electrical Testing. “We love the ability for them to quickly and easily see forms from their phones.”

Griffin is an enterprise marketing coordinator at Jotform. Having worked with multiple tech startups, he has a particular passion for storytelling and content creation. Outside of work, Griffin enjoys filmmaking, photography, and fashion. You can reach Griffin through his contact form..

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