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  • 50% of small businesses fail by the fifth year. 23% of the time, it’s simply because they didn’t elect the right team.

    And, historically, co-founder disputes are a leading cause in the burning down of startups in early stages.

    It’s devastating to think that a failed company could have had a chance if they had only invested in the right team.

    Contrary to the popular model of finding a co-founder to bare the brunt of your founding duties and responsibilities, I’m going to argue the opposite.

    Getting a co-founder can be a profitable move. But I want to explain it’s not the only one.

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  • At its core, Cali Party Bus transports passengers to desired locations, and then back to where they started. But that doesn’t really tell the whole story. With bus interiors that include nightclub-worthy speaker systems, flashing laser lights, flat screen TVs, dancing poles, and fog machines, the fun pretty much begins the moment someone hops on board. 

  • Automated customer service hell.

    Going through endless loops and ending up in voice-jail, eventually forced to hang up.

    Being told “your call is very important to us” and that we’re only number 58 in the queue.

    1) Emailing a problem 2) receiving a ticket number 3) never hearing back.

    Being redirected to a knowledge center that categorically doesn’t contain the answer to our question: Was this helpful? No? Well, there’s nothing you can do about it.

  • Today’s startup culture has made the term “day job” feel like a four-letter word, but that’s misguided, not to mention discouraging for millions of awesome employees.

    It often celebrates the blind leap, but I believe in scoping out the terrain before you jump.

    Long before I wrote my resignation letter, I started taking small steps toward my goal. I prepared the soil.

    Maybe you have a killer produce or startup idea, but you’re not ready to go all-in. Or maybe you’re starting to tinker in your off-duty hours.

    Either way, here are six steps you can take to lay the foundation for a successful startup before quitting your day job.

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    And how to build a superstar customer support team — no matter the size of your business
    Out of every 10,000 companies that claim they offer ‘a superior customer experience’, only 100 or so are actually delivering it. 
    That’s one out of 100. Ouch.
    And it’s estimated that in the US alone, over $62 billion in revenue is lost every single year because of this.
    Surprised? I was.
    After all, it’s been 130 years since retail legend Marshall field coined the phrase:
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