Announcing the new Jotform Health app

Announcing the new Jotform Health app

With a new year comes renewed hope for even better days ahead.

As many countries ramp up efforts to stop the novel coronavirus from spreading and roll out mass COVID-19 vaccination programs, we’re reminded that every minute counts when someone’s health is on the line.

While forms play a key role in collecting vital medical information, navigating data-collection websites on mobile devices, signing into accounts, or resorting to paper alternatives can take valuable time away from patients who may need immediate attention.

Even under normal circumstances, there’s usually no shortage of people who need your help. Finding a HIPAA-friendly method to streamline and automate your data-collection workflow will enable you to spend more time in front of patients, not a computer.

Our new Jotform Health app — available on the App Store and Google Play — can help you make the most of your time by offering easy access to your HIPAA-friendly forms on a tablet or smartphone.

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You can also get the app by scanning the QR code below.

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With the Jotform Health app, you can seamlessly collect and access bill payments, appointment details, electronic signatures, and protected health information when you’re on the go.

For instance, front desk staff at a medical office can eliminate paper forms and manual data entry by using a coronavirus screening form on a tablet. Patients can safely check in for their appointments and submit their co-payments without handing over credit cards, pens, or paperwork. Meanwhile, therapists can get push notifications whenever a patient submits an online therapy consent form prior to their appointment.

If you’ve already tried Jotform Mobile Forms, you’ll find that the HIPAA-friendly Jotform Health app includes many of the same powerful mobile data-collection features, including the ability to

Though these two Jotform apps have a lot in common, Jotform Health allows you to collect sensitive medical information with HIPAA-friendly customized forms.

More specifically, Jotform safeguards the protected health information you collect by automatically encrypting submitted form data. Jotform will also provide you with a signed business associate agreement as a binding legal commitment to safeguard the medical information collected through your online forms.

Since this same level of security extends to the Jotform Health app, you now have the flexibility to collect, access, and manage protected health information on a computer or mobile device without worrying about whether your patients’ medical data is secure.

Just so you know

While it doesn’t cost a thing to download and use, the Jotform Health app is only accessible to Jotform users who have HIPAA-friendly Gold plans. If you download the app and don’t have one of these paid plans, you’ll be asked to upgrade your account before you can actually use it.


At a time when game-changing developments can happen at a moment’s notice, every second, minute, and hour count.

Any time you can spend with patients — instead of collecting or accessing their information — matters.

The Jotform Health app can eliminate manual data entry and reclaim more of your time by allowing you to safely collect sensitive medical information and quickly access it on a tablet or smartphone no matter where you are.

Although concerns about data breaches and inadvertent disclosures of protected health information are enough to rattle even most seasoned medical professionals, Jotform ensures that your confidential medical information is in safe hands. As a HIPAA-friendly solution, the Jotform Health app offers the flexibility you need to safely collect, access, and manage your patients’ medical information on a mobile device without giving it a second thought.

If you haven’t done so yet, why not give the Jotform Health app a try? See how we’re making it easier — and safer — for you to collect and manage medical information on the go.

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