7 best Zapier alternatives to automate your workflow

Zapier is the king of connecting business applications. It’s easy to use, and year after year the company adds more helpful workflows that enable organizations to automate otherwise tedious tasks. Zapier offers more than 1,500 integrations, so if you can’t find your technology stack listed in their app directory, it might be time to switch up the apps your company uses.

But even though they’re the most popular, Zapier isn’t the only show in town when it comes to automation services.

There’s a significant selection of automation software that connects the business tools you rely on every day. Each has their own unique benefit, and we’re here to help break it down.

Automation saves time and reduces tedium, no matter the industry or use case. But it’s important to find a system for integrations that works for you. Zapier is a market leader for a reason, but it’s always good to know what choices are available to you.

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Do you use Zapier or any of the alternatives listed above? Let us know your experience in the comments.

This article is originally published on Jul 31, 2019, and updated on Mar 27, 2020
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