Automation in the workplace: Boosting office productivity

In any business, there are bound to be time-consuming tasks. But these tasks also tend to be tedious, and performing them repeatedly can get dull. Workplace automation can solve this issue and deliver many benefits for your office.

Understanding workplace automation and productivity

Workplace automation is the future of work. Thanks to advancements in technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning, technology can now perform many of those repetitive tasks that take up staff time.

This streamlines your staff’s workflow and leaves them free to focus on tasks that actually require human beings. Automation software also helps remove human error from processes like data entry.

With your team free to focus on more interesting work, they may stay more engaged — and morale might get a boost. Plus, you’ll get higher value from your staff and may even improve your bottom line, thanks to enhanced productivity.

Potential areas for workplace automation

You can use automation software in multiple ways in your business. Consider the following common processes that are all easy to automate.


The process of hiring, onboarding, and managing staff gets repetitive, and there’s lots of paperwork to complete, process, and file. Your HR staff does these tasks over and over, which increases the chances that someone will miss a step and the team will have to spend additional time to correct the issues.

Jotform offers a wide array of HR form templates that can automate employee onboarding, hiring, and management. With everything from employee information forms to time-off request forms, Jotform helps you get started right away. Or you can create a form from scratch to suit your needs. 

Employees or job applicants can complete the forms online, and your HR department can digitally receive and organize that information for an efficient, error-free process.


Tools like surveys and questionnaires are very valuable for marketing teams, but distributing, collecting, and processing paper copies of surveys is an incredibly time-consuming process. Jotform’s marketing templates include options for surveys, testimonial forms, advertising forms, and more to reduce the time your staff spends managing the marketing process.

Customer support

Customer support departments can benefit from automation in many ways. You can automate surveys, feedback forms, and complaint forms with Jotform templates.

Digital forms are easier to send to customers, and customers are more likely to complete them than they are to fill out and send back a paper copy. Once your team receives the form information, they can assign follow-up tasks to ensure that no one overlooks an unhappy customer.


Automating sales tasks not only saves time, but it can ensure accuracy, which can save your business money by eliminating or reducing incorrect orders, products made to the wrong specifications, and other vital overlooked details. Using digital sales forms also allows your business to appear more professional. 

With sales documents easily available, sales reps and other staff will have a valuable tool that can help them close sales. Jotform’s templates include order forms, salesman forms, contracts, lead forms, and more. Automating your sales process could result in increased sales and profits as well as overall improved business health.


Your IT department, in particular, can benefit from workplace automation. Using Jotform’s IT form templates, you can create digital software surveys, service requests, CRM support tickets, and more. Digital forms won’t just save your IT team time — they can also make submitting IT requests easier for team members across your organization.

You can carefully develop the forms so they collect the essential information your IT team needs to begin the troubleshooting process, potentially reducing or eliminating back-and-forth conversations. This process could also make it easier for your IT team to connect tickets to the staff member who’s best suited to address the issue.

When you have a large IT department, it’s important to have an automated request and ticket process. Taking the time to automate these requests can streamline the department’s workflow, allowing for faster solutions and keeping your entire business running more efficiently.

How Jotform can help

Jotform’s templates can make business process automation easier, but Jotform also offers other important benefits. With Jotform, it’s easy to create a fillable PDF that meets your company’s needs or even collect electronic signatures for a streamlined customer experience.

Collecting the data is just the first step. Jotform Tables acts as a database that can organize and manage the information your business collects through forms. With Jotform, taking the first steps toward automation — and all the benefits it brings — is easy.

A journalist and digital consultant, John Boitnott has worked for TV, newspapers, radio, and Internet companies for 25 years. He’s written for, Fast Company, NBC, Entrepreneur, USA Today, and Business Insider, among others.

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