Top 6 IT automation tools in 2024

The very nature of IT makes it difficult to efficiently manage an IT business or department. Every business needs to balance tools, technology, different locations, and more — and that takes time and resources. 

IT automation can help reduce the workload, allowing for greater productivity. Even better, there are many automation tools that are designed just for the IT industry.

The benefits of investing in IT automation

Automating processes can save an IT department or business time, allowing IT teams to focus on more important tasks instead of on repetitive work. Automation software can also streamline workflows, eliminate time-consuming tasks, and even increase a business’s productivity and profits. 

Workload automation is a valuable investment for any IT business or department, and developing an automation strategy can enhance your operations.

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Top 6 IT automation software tools

You can use any of the following platforms to automate processes in IT environments.

BMC Control-M

For IT departments that build apps, BMC Control-M offers valuable time-saving perks. This application workflow orchestration platform helps streamline the process of building apps, boosting your team’s productivity. 

This tool embeds workflow orchestration into your pipeline, simplifying your workflow and making it easy to manage data workflows for better outcomes. The solution integrates with AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud, making it a seamless addition to your existing workflow and apps.

BMC Control-M
BMC Control-M


SMA OpCon is a workload automation tool that helps take care of repetitive tasks, so your team can focus on more important responsibilities. It integrates with almost any app or core processing system, including IBM, Unix, SAP, ServiceNow, and more. 

This platform can help reduce IT requests by enabling even non-IT staff to trigger a predetermined automated process as needed. Perks include the ability to automatically initiate schedules, establish an audit trail, automate schedules, and more.


Atgen A2

Atgen A2 simplifies the process of IT services workload automation. This tool makes it possible for an IT team to build a culture of automation, and it easily integrates with the platforms you already use. 

You can use this platform to deploy apps and manage systems. Atgen A2 creates an audit trail during each and every step. It’s capable of automating application builds, data parsing, report generation, job scheduling, continuous testing, and more, which means you can apply this automation in countless ways within your IT systems.

Atgen A2
Atgen A2


Jotform can assist with nearly any IT process. With a wide array of IT form templates, including an issue tracking form, a bug tracker form, and a new hardware request form, Jotform makes it easy to gather important information and then track that data.

Pairing a form template with a table template — like the issue tracker template or the issue log template — creates an all-in-one database. You can share information and track progress, eliminating the need for any paper processes or data input.

These templates make it incredibly easy not only to set up Jotform but also to tailor the forms and tables to your specific needs.

Relay by Puppet

Designed for cloud operations teams, Relay by Puppet is a user-friendly workflow automation platform. Companies like Cisco and Google use this solution — and with good reason. The platform makes it easy to create low-code workflows that you can use across your entire company. 

This solution monitors alerts, incidents, and tickets, and then responds to automate your cloud operations and solve problems. With features like direct code editing and open APIs, this tool can grow with your team, making it a highly versatile choice.  

Relay By Puppet
Relay by Puppet


Designed just for tech departments, ActiveBatch makes it easy to automate your workload and schedule jobs. This solution serves as an automation hub to monitor your systems, including your CRM, ERP, and ETL tools. You can also coordinate work orders, projects, and consulting systems, ensuring your entire operation runs smoothly and is perfectly coordinated. 

This tool centralizes your processes, so everything’s accessible and managed through this one platform. It’s an easy way to improve IT infrastructure operations.

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IT business process automation: A good investment

An IT automation strategy can reduce staff workloads, eliminating many of the manual processes and routine tasks that take up your staff resources. When choosing the right process automation tool, consider the types of processes you want to eliminate as well as the software and platforms you’re already using. 

Many of these tools integrate with the most popular IT tools used today, which means they can become efficient and integral aspects of your IT department or business. When you find a solution that’s the right match, your whole team will enjoy greater productivity. 

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