Top 10 OutSystems alternatives for low-code app development in 2024

It can be difficult to strike a balance between doing something right and doing something fast. Full-stack application development solution OutSystems lets you do both.

Using integrated, AI-powered tools and automation, OutSystems helps developers build, enact, and maintain multichannel apps in just days or weeks — all from one low-code, cloud-based platform. With features including a drag-and-drop user interface (UI), data models, in-app feedback, a workflow builder, single-click deployment, and guided refactoring, OutSystems is one of the most state-of-the-art and scalable platforms on the market.

On the downside, it’s also one of the most expensive. Though OutSystems offers a free edition that lets you build web and mobile apps for up to 100 users using a database up to 2 GB, once you’ve used that up — or you have a larger business and need more capabilities from the start — the lowest tier plan’s cost comes in at around $1,513 per month.

Fortunately, there are other low-code options available. Here are 10 OutSystems alternatives.

1. Jotform Apps

As a flexible, code-free development platform, Jotform Apps is a great OutSystems alternative. With a library of thousands of templates for forms, PDFs, tables, and approval flows at your fingertips, creating, publishing, and sharing your own app has never been easier (especially if you don’t have any coding experience). Jotform Apps is easy to use, customizable, and comes fully equipped with 100-plus integrations to help build the app of your dreams.

2. Mendix

Image of Mendix Platform

In terms of overall functionality and top features, low-code app-building platform Mendix is fairly similar to OutSystems with its model-driven development and cloud-based scalability. There are some differences, though. In addition to Mendix being less expensive than OutSystems, some reviewers believe it also performs better in both database customization and app lifecycle maintenance and is simpler to set up.

3. Zoho Creator

Image of Zoho Creator Platform

Designed for companies of all sizes, low-code platform Zoho Creator is another OutSystems alternative to consider. From building and automating to personalizing and deploying, Zoho Creator helps users make apps that look expensive but are actually quite affordable to build (the basic plan starts at $8 per user per month). It’s simple to use, committed to data security, and offers extensive, prebuilt integrations to create the perfect app for your business needs — no matter what you do or where you work.

4. Claris FileMaker

Image of Claris FileMaker Platform

Workplace innovation solution Claris FileMaker helps users create custom apps to automate workflows for any device — using one simple, low-code platform. And though it’s similar to OutSystems when it comes to AI-powered tools, cloud-based capabilities, and powerful integrations, some reviewers say Claris is easier to administer and do business with than OutSystems.

5. Pega Platform

Image of Pega Platform

Using app development software Pega Platform, you can turn an idea into an app in minutes using a low-code, comprehensive dashboard. This solution includes an intuitive user experience (UX) framework, prebuilt templates, intelligent automation tools, and DevOps integrations, allowing users to work smarter, not harder.

6. Neptune DXP

Image of Neptune DXP Platform

Low-code enterprise app development platform Neptune DXP is another viable OutSystems alternative, thanks to its similar features, including workflow and app designers, a script editor, and powerful integrations. And with over 3 million users worldwide — including Japanese manufacturer Hitachi and premier auction house Sotheby’s — you can trust Neptune DXP to digitize your organization, regardless of size or industry.

7. Microsoft Power Apps

Image of Microsoft Power Apps

Easily one of the best low-code app development solutions on the market, Microsoft Power Apps helps you build and share professional-grade apps in minutes. With features like drag-and-drop functionality, prebuilt AI-components and templates, and hundreds of integrations to bring your app vision to life, it’s no wonder Microsoft Power Apps makes users feel like professional developers.

8. Kintone

Image of Kintone Platform

Another OutSystems alternative is app development solution Kintone, which is customizable, collaborative, and easy to use. On average, it takes customers less than a month to build and publish an app. With a library of app templates, robust plug-ins and extensions, and a drag-and-drop interface, Kintone can help you build your perfect app.

9. Quickbase

Image of Quickbase Platform

Comparable to OutSystems in usability, performance, security, and scalability, low-code application development software Quickbase is another feasible OutSystems alternative. Using a single platform with prebuilt integrations, users can create, deploy, and maintain the apps they make, without ever having to take them offline to make a change.

10. Kissflow

Image of Kissflow Platform

With low-code app platform Kissflow, you can build and launch apps fast, no matter your role or industry. This software offers customizable UI, prebuilt reusable templates, enterprise-grade security, and dynamic integrations to create, test, and deploy your apps in minutes. But it’s pricey — Kissflow’s Basic plan starts at $1,500 per month.

While OutSystems may be a leader in the world of application development software, it’s clearly not the only option on the market. While each of these alternative low-code or no-code app builders have their pros and cons, one is likely to meet all your business needs.

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