The benefits of admissions and enrollment management software  

Applying for school has always been a complicated process. However, the COVID-19 pandemic made it even more difficult for students and school staff to navigate the admissions and enrollment system. With so many colleges and schools moving their admissions processes off-site and online, schools are now having to invest in new equipment and new systems.

What can help make this transition less stressful for schools? Admissions and enrollment management software is a cost-effective solution that streamlines your school’s student application and evaluation process. Plus, it allows students and their families to quickly apply to your school from any location and any device.

Let’s explore what enrollment and admissions software is and how you can use it in your school.

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What is admissions and enrollment management software?

Admissions and enrollment management software provides an online system for schools to collect and evaluate applications, communicate with applicants, and enroll accepted students into the school. This software allows students to fill out application forms and upload their transcripts, recommendation letters, and other materials online. Staff can later access these applications from any device and even automate their responses to students after each evaluation is complete.

Certain types of software can also act as a marketing tool by putting all of your school’s promotional information in one place and allowing families to schedule school tours or sign up for information sessions.

While enrollment and admissions software serves an important purpose, you may wonder if you need it for your school.

Why use admissions and enrollment management software?

Enrollment and admissions software smooths out the many bumps that students and staff might encounter while handling applications and being admitted to the school. Here are some of the most compelling reasons to adopt a software-based admissions and enrollment process.

  • It makes it easier for staff to deal with a large volume of applications. Smaller schools with limited staff members can get overwhelmed by the mountains of student applications they need to process quickly. Admissions software helps employees easily sort through applications, track which students they’ve evaluated, and collaborate with other team members to get through the application pile.
  • It offers staff greater flexibility in where they work. Software can allow workers to access student applications remotely on any device, which is ideal if employees need to work at home or outside of the office.
  • It makes filling out applications simpler for students. Conditional branching allows software to bring up an appropriate follow-up question based on the student’s previous answers. For instance, if a student indicates that they have recommendation letters, the software can show an option for uploading those letters.
  • It automates the time-consuming process of sending acceptances and denials. Automating these tasks means that students will get an email as soon as you’ve finished evaluating their applications and ensures that you don’t forget to contact anyone.
  • It reduces your admissions department’s costs. This type of software reduces the number of team members and office supplies you may need to handle new student applications. Since many smaller schools don’t have the same resources as larger schools, lowering the costs of your admissions system can free up more capital for other departments or projects.
  • It keeps track of student applications for your records. By keeping good records, you’ll be able to audit your admissions process and ensure you’re meeting demographic goals.
  • It enables smaller schools to process applications more quickly. Enrollment and admissions software collects all the relevant information for a student in one place and allows multiple team members to view it at once, speeding up your admissions process. By using admissions software, even smaller admissions teams can assess applicants in a short period of time.

Employing admissions or enrollment management software can dramatically improve the student application system. Let’s see how you could set up this system for your school.

What capabilities should your enrollment management software have?

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Different types of school admissions and enrollment software have different capabilities. However, you’ll want to make sure any software allows you to build online forms that make the admissions and enrollment process easier for your prospective students. Ensure your software also provides these important functions for online forms.

  • Attach the necessary waivers or consent forms for accessing information: These forms fields are necessary for requesting information from other schools and the government.
  • Include e-signature capability: This feature enables students and their families to verify the information they provide and consent to this information being disclosed to school staff. It can also be used to confirm enrollment.
  • Integrate payment options: For colleges with an admissions fee, admissions and enrollment forms should include payment integrations that enable credit card payments and other electronic payment options.
  • Customize your forms to match your branding and admissions requirements: This often requires changing the colors of the forms, adding logos, and adding questions that are necessary for your specific admissions process.

Once you set up your forms, you can use them on your website and start collecting new student applications effortlessly. Some software options, like Jotform, even offer templates to help you automate your admissions approval process. Leveraging software enables your school to make the best use of its resources and improve its admissions and enrollment system overall in the process.

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Improve your processes with the right software

Applying for school is stressful. Thankfully, using admissions and enrollment management software doesn’t have to be. By digitizing your admissions and enrollment processes, you’ll be able to make handling new student applications less stressful for everyone involved.

Jotform offers the form-building and data-tracking tools and expertise you need to start using online admission software. Our form templates let you quickly create the right online forms and applications for your school, and Jotform Tables lets you collect all application data in one place. Our other products and integrations let you collect payments, e-signatures, and more. Check out our templates today.

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