Top 5 Kahoot! alternatives

Running a classroom has its challenges, so many educators turn to technology to keep their lessons engaging. Game-based learning platforms like Kahoot! are popular for making the school day more interactive with live quizzes, videos, and games — but there are plenty of Kahoot! alternatives to consider too.

Let’s take a look at what this platform brings to the table, what it might be missing, and some other options you should mull over when choosing the best solution for your classroom.

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The background on Kahoot!

Kahoot! is a game-based learning management system (or LMS) where teachers can create customizable and engaging quizzes. You can build your own from scratch or choose a template from its quiz gallery and even add external media like YouTube videos.

But Kahoot!’s features aren’t limited to just quizzes. Teachers can set goals for students, track their performance, and download those reports in spreadsheet form to share with parents or school administrators. They can then reference those reports and use Kahoot! to manage and distribute rewards to high-performing students — making it a one-stop shop for engaging students, tracking their progress, and giving them incentives to perform well.

Disadvantages of Kahoot!

Though Kahoot! is a fairly robust, out-of-the-box platform, it’s not without its flaws. Here are some of the drawbacks.

  • Complex tracking: As helpful as it is to understand how your students are performing, some users report that the tracking aspects of Kahoot! are a bit more difficult to navigate than the rest of the platform.
  • Better for review than instruction: The majority of activities within the Kahoot! platform are multiple choice or true/false questionnaires. As a result, Kahoot! can’t replace entire lessons; it acts more as a fun, complementary review of your classroom material.
  • Higher prices for bigger organizations: For the most part, Kahoot! is free for students and teachers on the individual level. But larger organizations — like school districts, etc. — can pay up to $80 per host to add expansive features and allow more participants per session. Those higher costs might be prohibitive for some.

With these shortcomings in mind, consider these five Kahoot! alternatives that might better meet your expectations for classroom technology.

Kahoot! alternatives

1. Jotform

As one of the best Kahoot! alternatives, online form builder Jotform can help make your lessons engaging, interactive, and polished. Build your own quizzes from scratch or by using one of its many quiz or form templates. You can customize them with drag-and-drop questions, show-and-hide fields, and widgets. And with the YouTube form widget, you can embed YouTube videos just like you can with Kahoot!

Plus, for easy performance management and tracking, Jotform’s spreadsheet tool, Jotform Tables, provides teachers with education-related table templates they can download, manage, and share. What’s more, Jotform Apps gives teachers the tools to create their own apps for their classrooms to further incorporate technology into their lesson plans.

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2. Blackboard Learn

Screenshot of blackboard learn

Blackboard Learn, now a part of Anthology, provides one of the most comprehensive LMS tools on the market. Though it’s more expensive than Kahoot!, this platform has an open, customizable backend architecture that tech-savvy educators and administrators can use to build more robust educational experiences.

For those looking for a more simplistic tool, Blackboard also offers basic functionality for quizzing students and providing discussion spaces online. With fewer gamification options, this LMS tends to be more popular among educators working in higher education rather than those teaching K–12.

3. Quizlet

Screenshot of quizlet

With Quizlet, both teachers and students have access to learning and study tools that can provide a comprehensive educational experience. Educators use the platform to create study plans and flashcards, and the flashcards make it a popular supplement for students preparing for exams. Beyond that, Quizlet also offers similar tools to Kahoot! in the form of practice tests and interactive quizzes.

For those keen on discovering Quizlet alternatives, our article offers an in-depth look at different LMS tools and their unique features.

4. Canvas

Screenshot of Canvas

Canvas by Instructure, like Blackboard, gives administrators extensive capabilities to create more in-depth learning experiences —like lesson plans and curricula. Also similar to Blackboard, Canvas is popular with higher education institutions and allows educators to integrate their own apps and tools to customize the ideal digital classroom for them and their students.

5. Quizizz

Screenshot of Quizizz

Like Kahoot!, Quizizz is a fun, beautifully designed LMS that makes learning engaging for students of any age. Quizizz also takes lesson plans one step further by allowing more interactive assessments, including video and essay submissions that teachers can review as part of their reports on performance.

Regardless of whether you choose Kahoot! or one of these five Kahoot! alternatives for your classroom, you’ll have an expansive array of tools at your disposal to complement your lesson plans. With the right learning platform for you and your students, you’ll have a more engaged and lively classroom environment that makes learning all the more effective — and fun.

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