LearnWorlds pricing plans: Which one is right for you?

The traditional classroom setting is no longer the only place to impart knowledge. Online learning platforms have become powerful tools for educators, trainers, and organizations to teach students in any location. Among these platforms, LearnWorlds stands out as a game changer in online education.

An overview of LearnWorlds

LearnWorlds is a cloud-based learning management system (LMS) designed to empower educators and organizations to deliver top-notch online courses. Here’s what makes LearnWorlds a stellar online education platform:

  • Cloud-based system: LearnWorlds is a cloud-based platform, ensuring that both educators and learners can access the content anytime and anywhere, without needing to download or install anything on their devices.
  • Comprehensive analytics: LearnWorlds delivers advanced analytics, which help educators enhance the overall learning experience. The platform gives users the ability to track student progress, understand which modules or topics might be challenging for students, and even get feedback on the course structure itself.
  • Innovative video tools: The video tools that LearnWorlds offers allow for interactive video experiences, where students can click on embedded links, answer questions, and even participate in polls directly within a video —boosting engagement and student performance.
  • Community management: LearnWorlds offers robust community management features that enable learners to engage with their peers, share insights, ask questions, and collaborate on projects.

LearnWorlds is a comprehensive solution that addresses the diverse needs of modern educators and learners. Whether you’re a tutor, a large organization, or anything in between, LearnWorlds offers the tools and features to ensure your online courses are effective, engaging, and impactful.

A quick tour of LearnWorlds pricing plans

LearnWorlds offers a range of pricing plans tailored to various needs. Here’s a comparison of their four primary plans:


  • Cost: $24 per month plus a $5 transaction fee for each course sale
  • Target audience: Best suited for new teachers looking to launch their first online course and those planning to keep their courses free
  • Key features: Basic course creation tools, individual and group sessions, unlimited paid classes, and access to a custom domain
  • Limitations: Limited to one admin/instructor account and lacking the advanced features of higher-tier plans

Pro Trainer

  • Cost: $79 per month, with no transaction fees
  • Target audience: Ideal for professional trainers and educators aiming to grow course offerings and those building a team of instructors
  • Key features: Everything in the Starter plan plus unlimited free courses, advanced integrations, five admin/instructor accounts, and subscription features
  • Extras: Access to more payment gateways, interactive video

Learning Center

  • Cost: $249 per month, with no transaction fees
  • Target audience: Those who want a full-fledged online school with premium features
  • Key features: Everything in the Pro Trainer plan plus 25 admin/instructor accounts, white labeling, advanced affiliate management, automated sales funnels, and bulk user actions
  • Extras: Priority support, advanced customization options, and access to premium integrations

High Volume & Corporate

  • Cost: Contact sales
  • Target audience: Large organizations and businesses with extensive training needs
  • Key features: Tailored to the organization’s needs and offering everything from the Learning Center plan plus features like single sign-on (SSO), an optional service-level agreement (SLA) agreement, and premium onboarding
  • Extras: Dedicated account manager, 24-7 premium support, and enhanced security features

Streamlined administration with Jotform 

Jotform offers educators and course creators a seamless way to gather feedback and streamline administrative tasks. You can use its online Form Builder to create registration forms, feedback surveys, quizzes, and more for your online courses. 

When you integrate Jotform with LearnWorlds via Zapier, you can automatically transfer the data you collect through Jotform to LearnWorlds. This means that new students who register on Jotform can instantly be enrolled in LearnWorlds courses, or feedback from a course survey can directly feed into course improvements. The combination of Jotform and LearnWorlds helps educators manage administrative tasks and elevate the learning experience for their students.

Jotform offers a free plan and paid plans scaled to fit your individual classroom needs. For example, while the free plan has limits of five forms and 100 MB of storage space, the Gold plan provides 100 forms per month and 100 GB in available space. For those in the education field, Jotform also offers a 50 percent discount for qualifying users and up to 30 percent off the Enterprise edition. Try Jotform for free today. 

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