The importance of student attendance tracking software

Teachers are the lifeblood of our education system. They help mold our youth into knowledgeable individuals who are ready to take the next step in their lives, whether that’s advancing into higher education or moving into the workforce.

However, for teaching to be effective, students must do their part as well — they have to study, do their homework, and show up to class. While everyone knows the first two tasks are essential, attendance also plays a major role in a student’s academic journey.

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, regular school attendance is linked to students achieving at higher levels. In contrast, consistent absenteeism can lead to detrimental outcomes — like students dropping out of school.

Since attendance has such a significant impact on student performance, it’s critical that educators and school administrators focus on tracking it.

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What is student attendance tracking?

Student attendance tracking is the practice of keeping a regular log of whether students are coming to school or not. Teachers typically track attendance in each class, rather than a homeroom teacher taking attendance just once daily.

For example, a student may get sick during the day and need their parent or guardian to pick them up. Alternatively, a student may skip a class (to hang out with friends, take a break, avoid a test, etc.). In either case, a detailed log would show when a student attended some classes but was absent for others.

Instructors in higher education may take a more relaxed approach to attendance tracking since their students are adults. In these cases, some professors or teaching assistants may track attendance less frequently, such as once per week or only during key lectures. (Some professors don’t take attendance at all.)

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Why is student attendance tracking important?

Jonathan Sandling, head of academic studies at a leading university in the United Kingdom, affirms the importance of attendance when it comes to strong student performance. “There is a positive correlation between student attendance and performance. Higher levels of attendance are directly linked to a higher likelihood of a student successfully completing their program of study and achieving higher grades.”

While inconsistent attendance impacts performance, Sandling also notes that it can indicate other issues. “Low levels of attendance can be a sign that a student is having trouble engaging in their learning. This could be due to negative experiences at school or challenges they are facing at home.”

Arash Fayz, executive director of private tutoring company LA Tutors 123, says student attendance is a required metric for funding reporting. “Student attendance can be analyzed alongside other student metrics to paint a picture of overall performance.”

At the administrative level, tracking attendance variations based on time of day, day of the week, and term of the year can help anticipate school scheduling and resource needs. “Analyzing attendance dips can then assist faculty and administration in determining appropriate activities to increase retention and maximize student learning,” Fayz explains.

How can student attendance tracking software help in education?

One of the biggest benefits of attendance tracking software is that it simplifies the collection and analysis of attendance data. Instead of teachers recording attendance on paper, they can use a digital solution on their computer, tablet, or smartphone to streamline the process.

“Attendance tracking software also aids in faculty reporting obligations, reduces the number of times the data needs to be handled, and enables easy access and review for administrators,” says Fayz.

Student attendance tracking is one of the many ways Jotform, an easy-to-use form builder, assists educators and administrators. Jotform comes loaded with tons of prebuilt forms for all sorts of educational needs, including online quizzes, class registration, attendance tracking, and much more.

If you’re looking for a way to save time in the classroom and ensure your teachers don’t miss a student during roll call, Jotform is the way to go. After all, you can ensure teachers aren’t burdened by a traditional, paper-based attendance process. Instead, you can give them a digital tool that enables them to focus more on teaching and less on administrative tasks like attendance tracking.

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