Educational Uses of Jotform

Jotform is currently used on many educational institutions.

Here are some examples:

  • – Leiden University in Netherlands, Ithaca College, Wheaton College and University of Minnesota uses Jotform Application to provide a form builder on their intranet.
  • – The School District of Palm Beach County’s department of educational technology uses Jotform for workshop registrations, feedback, and user requests.
  • – Agama Yoga School uses Jotform to take reservations and process payments for Yoga workshops.
  • Worksheets are Forms video describes how teachers can use Jotform for homeworks.

Students at Purdue University recently has done a great research on how Jotform is currently being used and potential applications for it. I especially liked their in-depth thoughts about educational uses of JotForm. I would like to share parts of the research with you here.

Great Ways to use Jotform in Schools:

  1. Survey teachers about technology needs and staff development topics
  2. Survey parents for input on a school improvement plan
  3. Survey students to assess interest in topics and titles
  4. Help teachers set up polls and administer quizzes
  5. Evaluate web page content and usability
  6. Evaluate effectiveness of lessons
  7. Evaluate use of online databases and internet
  8. Help students review materials before tests with content review and skill assessment activities
  9. Determine user satisfaction and areas for improvement
  10. Help students design and implement polls to gather data for projects
  11. Determine what and why students read
  12. Provide online self-directed learning games and activities
  13. Teach students about online polls for gathering data
  14. Gauge knowledge, use and proficiency of teachers’ skills in technology and information literacy
  15. Provide independent skill activities for use in the classroom, at home, or in the library media center
  16. Compare perceptions of services and programs by different groups–students, parents, teachers, and administrators
  17. Gathering data to guide evidence driven practices
  18. Identify a student’s strengths and weaknesses

More Great Ideas from the Research:

Education is definitely an area where one could use JotForm. For example, a teacher in a special education classroom could use this site to get RSVP cards for a party. In their lives, the students will either receive an invitation or send one during some point of their life; so, it is very important that the students understand how they work. It will give the students practice for what will occur in the real world. Also, a student or a parent could use the form that creates calendars.

Another use for Jotform is that a university could use the form for a survey. Many colleges and universities ask the students to complete surveys on their TA’s and professors. The school could use the survey form from this company to do exactly this.

A real life example of how Jotform is used in an education setting is in the School District of Palm Beach County. On the Jotform website, users were asked to identify how they are using Jotform and this is what they said.

Educational Uses of Jotform Image-1

They also had interesting thoughts on Jotform’s Educational Application in South Korea.

While doing a team project; choosing a subject, assigning group roles, and sharing ideas can all be done with input from all team members. This method is wisely used in the U.S. to contribute to a team project. Also during the project, bulletin boards are commonly used, but this option is limited to just attaching a document. By using Jotform, a user can attach important documents as well as get feedback.

Jotform is convenient for survey areas such as learning satisfaction and achievement. It is also convenient for survey activity on a website for students to gather information. Using Jotform saves paper and sharing ideas becomes more convenient.

Teachers can arrange content that they have taught and make a practice test for students to check what they have learned. By using Jotform, it is easy to assess students’ achievements.

Jotform can gather a variety of information about students; for example: official evaluation, students’ attitude, teacher’s comments or students’ weaknesses, etc.

Lesson Plans for Teachers

They have also developed amazing lesson plans which can be used by teachers as homework or group projects.


Jotform Lesson Plan |PDF

Computer Basics Lesson Plan |PDF


Middle School

Self Portraits Lesson Plan |PDF

Jotform Lesson Plan |PDF


High School

Calorie Intake and Nutrition Lesson Plan |PDF

Jotform Lesson Plan |PDF

STEM |PDFHigh School Statistics Lesson Plan.doc

High School Statistics Lesson Plan.doc

High School Statistics Lesson Plan.pdf

If you are interested in this topic you can read the full study online.

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