13 of The Most Common Online Forms for Higher Education

It shouldn’t be a surprise that colleges and universities rely on online forms. There are just so many groups from whom to collect crucial information, whether it’s alumni, community members, students, employees, or applicants.

Online forms make it so simple to gather feedback, create events, schedule campus visits, and collect payment, that it’s easy to see why they’re used so commonly. With that, we thought we’d share some of the most common ways forms are being used in higher education.

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Scholarship Application Form

Scholarship applications are simple to collect using an online scholarship application form. Make sure to ask engaging questions that bring out the best in your students! Also, take advantage of save-and-resume features so they don’t feel obligated to fill it out all at once.

Application Admission Form

The most quintessential online form for universities everywhere, application forms for admission are the most important form a majority students will have to fill out in their lives.

Library Item Hold Request Form

Your university library can use online forms to enable students to hold books needed as soon as they’re returned. Libraries also benefit from using online forms by allowing students to reserve study rooms.

Recommendation Form

Official recommendation forms are a great way to keep recommender responses organized and uniform. Plus, an official form increases the likelihood the form will get filled out by the recommender rather than having them send a plain email on your behalf.

Interview Evaluation Form

Forms are such a great way to collect feedback from different parties after you interview an important candidate. Otherwise, interviewing can become a very unorganized process. Having your team fill out an interview evaluation form immediately after interviewing a candidate is the best way to be accurate and organized. You could even use a star-rating or numerical system to make the process even more precise.

Communications and Marketing Request

It’s very common for university marketing and communications departments to use online forms to help process requests for their services or collateral on campus.

Event Registration Form

College campuses are ripe with events, from banquets to barbeques. Event registration forms keep attendee lists organized and make it easy to follow up with guests before an event.

Course Evaluation Feedback Form

Feedback is crucial when improving curriculum. Online course evaluation feedback forms are the best way to determine successes and areas of improvement for instructors and departments.

Declare a Major Form

Choosing a field of study is a — forgive me — major moment in a student’s life. So make the process easier for them with a well-designed, easy-to-understand online form. The days of requiring students to fill out a paper form for their major need to end.

Alumni Survey Form

A short survey is the first step toward engaging your school’s alumni. And having an engaged alumni equates to more alumni donations, new applicants, and a better understanding of your school’s areas for improvement.

Schedule a Visit Form

Prospective students and parents want to see your campus, so make scheduling an official visit easy by letting them fill out a form. The added benefit is that it holds people to coming to see your school better than just letting them do it on their own, and more visits equal more applications.

Facility Rental Request Forms

Colleges are chock-full of awesome buildings and spaces, which make for perfect events. It’s simple to use a rental request form to manage all of the interest in various facilities.

Information Update Forms

Once they graduate, alumni can be a total pain to track. But most of them would engage with your school if they were kept in the loop about local events and campus news. So make the contact information update form easy to find and  fill out.

To learn more about the types of education forms you can create, check out Jotform’s education forms page.

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This article is originally published on Apr 21, 2016, and updated on Nov 16, 2022.
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