Quizizz vs Quizlet: A close-up look at 2 top quiz tools

Quizizz and Quizlet are two digital educational tools that can reshape how students learn in classrooms and study sessions. 

Many users appreciate Quizizz for its real-time, gamified quizzes that enhance classroom engagement. Others value Quizlet for its advanced flashcard-based learning methods. But how do these two tools stack up against each other?

Quizizz vs Quizlet: Features

Let’s delve into Quizizz and Quizlet to examine their features with a fine-tooth comb.

Interactivity and engagement

Quizizz is a powerhouse in promoting interactivity. It’s not just about answering questions; it’s about the experience. Leaderboards, live feedback, and timed questions keep the adrenaline pumping. A study by Minnesota State University showed that this type of gamified learning significantly increases student engagement and motivation.

Quizlet, on the other hand, is the Zen garden of study tools. It’s designed to help students prepare at their own pace. The digital flashcards can also be shared for group study. It’s like having a stack of digital index cards, except they’re more interactive.

Messaging and notifications

Quizizz doesn’t allow direct messaging, but its notification function makes up for it. It alerts students about upcoming quizzes and sends results instantly.

Quizlet’s messaging focuses on study-related notifications like reminders, recommendations, and new material availability. Its notifications are more like a gentle nudge than a loud announcement, perfect for those who prefer a less intrusive approach.


Quizizz excels in its seamless integration with popular platforms like Google Classroom and Canvas. Integrations aren’t just convenient; they create a cohesive digital classroom ecosystem.

You can also use Quizlet with other tools. For example, you can embed flashcards directly into other platforms like Canvas with an embed code.

Ease of use

Both platforms pride themselves on being user-friendly. Quizizz does come with a learning curve, especially if you’re new to digital quizzes. But once you’ve mastered it, it’s a smooth ride.

Unique selling points

Quizizz’s live quiz feature is its crown jewel. It transforms traditional quizzes into exhilarating game shows — making the learning experience more memorable.

Quizlet shines with its spaced repetition algorithm. This feature helps students remember lessons better by reviewing material at specific intervals.

Quizizz vs Quizlet: Choosing the one that suits your needs

We’d be remiss if we didn’t talk about price, since that’s a major factor in choosing a platform. Both platforms operate on a freemium model. Quizizz offers basic features for free. You’ll have to request a quote for its premium upgrades. Quizlet also offers a free version, and advanced features are available in its paid plan, which is $35.99 per year. Your choice depends on the depth and type of features you need. 

Pros and cons


User Interface of Quizizz
  • Pros: Highly interactive, great for group learning, allows live feedback
  • Cons: Overwhelming for some students, limited messaging capabilities


Quizlet Landing Page
  • Pros: Great tool for individual study, spaced repetition algorithm, wide variety of study modes
  • Cons: Less interactive for groups, limited live competition elements

Choosing between Quizizz and Quizlet boils down to your specific needs. If you’re an educator looking to add excitement and competition into your lessons, Quizizz is a good option. For students or anyone seeking a robust, self-paced study tool, Quizlet is the clear winner.

A flexible alternative to quiz software: Jotform

Jotform is another feature-rich and flexible tool for educators. It offers drag-and-drop design capabilities, allowing teachers to quickly assemble custom quizzes that suit diverse teaching styles. With Jotform, you can even seamlessly embed YouTube videos into forms and quizzes. 

Jotform’s ease of use and teacher-friendly pricing model make it a practical choice for educational environments. For example, Jotform has a generous free tier and offers educators a 50 percent discount on its Bronze, Silver, and Gold plans. There’s also a 30 percent discount on Jotform Enterprise. It’s a great option for teachers looking for a comprehensive, budget-friendly educational tool. Try it for free today.

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