The QR recruiter: Using QR codes to boost hiring

Is it time to embrace the QR recruiter?

Quick response (QR) codes make it easier than ever for human resources teams to share job openings, provide quick access to applications, and manage information from job seekers. Combined with Jotform’s wide variety of HR form templates, QR codes can help make the recruiting process seamless without compromising the quality of your applicant pool.

QR codes and human resources: How QR codes make recruiting easier

QR codes are two-dimensional barcodes that contain certain information, such as a website URL. When someone scans the QR code with a digital device like a smartphone, the device reads the code and translates the digital information it contains. For instance, a QR code containing the link to a job application will take the user to the application when the user scans the QR code.

The image is a QR code consisting of black modules arranged on a white square grid
Scan the QR code to open the form!

QR codes have been available for over a decade. During that time, many human resources teams have explored the use of QR codes in recruiting and hiring, leading to the rise of the QR recruiter.

Early QR code users focused on static QR codes, which conveyed information like long URLs more easily, as John Sullivan notes in a 2011 ERE article. Today, dynamic QR codes allow HR teams to direct the recruitment process with a more personalized touch, as examples by the University of Wisconsin-Madison demonstrate.

There are a number of benefits to using QR codes to share job postings and other human resources information:

  • Ease of use: QR codes are a familiar sight to job seekers and employees alike. They don’t need additional training on how to use QR codes, and they usually have the necessary device to access QR code information in their own pockets.
  • Data insights: Many QR code tools can track how people interact with the QR codes. This information can tell you more about how effective certain recruiting tactics, like posting on a particular job board, are in sourcing applicants.
  • Expanded audience: Using QR codes can expand your reach in recruiting, since QR codes are accessible to anyone with a smartphone or other digital device and an internet connection. Reaching more qualified candidates can lead to more efficient hiring.

How HR departments can use QR codes for recruiting and job applications

QR codes can make recruiting and application management easier for human resources teams. Here are a couple of ways they can help:

  • QR codes can easily direct curious job seekers to job postings, job boards, and application forms.
  • Dynamic QR codes can respond to the information job seekers enter by offering links to related information. These links may provide access to information about related openings, information about referrals or references, or online screening interview tools.

QR codes also make it easier to share information within a form. For instance, Jotform includes tools to easily generate form QR codes. You can include these codes in the job application or another form. Applicants filling out the form can scan the QR code to view images, read documents, or reach additional forms they can fill out to provide a complete, well-rounded view of their skills and abilities. 

How Jotform can help with custom HR forms

Jotform’s library of human resources templates includes application templates tailored to specific types of work and job openings.

With Jotform, HR teams aren’t limited to creating forms for QR recruiting, either. There are more than 700 form templates for other essential HR tasks — like addressing complaints, collecting return-to-work information for workers’ compensation or FMLA compliance, and handling other HR tasks. Plus, forms are easy to create from scratch.

You can also generate static or dynamic QR codes for your forms with Jotform’s built-in QR code generator — making it easier than ever to communicate with employees and share information.

Reducing time to hire is one of the most effective ways to reduce overall recruiting costs. With QR codes connected to easy-to-use Jotform templates, the QR recruiter and HR teams can leverage QR recruiting tools to find better candidates in less time.

Photo by Carter Hightower on Unsplash

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