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How to Post Answers to Thank you Page

How to Post Answers to Thank you Page

Update: We have a widget that allows your users to preview their form answers before they submit the form, use the Preview Before Submit Widget. This widget requires no further configuration.

There are times that we'd like the users to review their answers after submitting their form or show to them some of the most important answers or generated unique ID codes on the Thank You page.

 Here's how to post user's answer to the thank you page.

1. In the form builder, click Settings on the top menu

2. Click Thank You Page tab

3. In the thank you page, click Form Fields to add the field variables you want to show its data in the thank you page.

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  • MSPG

    I also need this thank you letter to have actual paragraph text.

    A summary text about the services we provided, with area's that would be prefilled based on information that they have just selected, and sent back to them via email. Can THIS be done?

  • bluewhaleshark

    my uploaded files on the thank you page is in the full path form. For example How do i make it so that it only display pic.jpg?