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How to Create a JotForm API key

How to Create a JotForm API key

What is JotForm API Key?

It is a unique value or a secret token that is assigned to Jotform users. Generally speaking, an API key simply identifies the user. It is used to authenticate users to used their information to web services.

To create your JotForm API Key, please follow these steps.

1. After logging in to your JotForm account, click the user icon on the top of the page.

2. Click your username or the Settings link to go to your account settings page.

3. Go to the API section/page.

4. Click Create New Key to create your JotForm API Key.

Each generated API Keys comes with permissions. Read Access permission to read only private information and Full Access permission to grant them with full access to your data, e.g. add, edit, delete form submissions.

Below are the API limit daily for each plan:

Free: 1,000

Bronze: 10,000

Silver: 50,000

Gold: 100,000

Enterprise: Unlimited

The API limit resets daily at midnight (EST). For more information about JotForm API, please visit JotForm's API Documentation page (

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  • Jennifer Lee

    I've used a template. In her template she has a API Key drop down to be able to ask "How many sets would you like?" Then it has numbers 1-10 to be able to select one. She has this same question asked multiple times throughout. I would like to know how to do this. Please help with step by step instructions. Thank you!

  • Irfan Khan

    Can the API be set to only access certain forms? I’d like multiple keys and for each key to be limited to specific forms.

  • kelli398

    i have integrated and set up google sheets. put in the http and it is still not integrating my submissions into the document. i do get an email that i have one

  • pyeatrakas

    Did this but still not connecting:
    Genereated an api and named it Wigits Do not delete and gave full access
    Do I name it or something else?
    I set up another stripe account for the treasurer and can't connect to that one either.
    When I select connect with stripe it goes to the connect dialog but then comes back
    connecct with stripe NOT connected.
    HELP I've spent way too many hours on this issue.

  • dadosmais

    Eu quero saber se tem a possibilidade na API de eu pegar no formulário preenchido por ele, "nome e número de documento" e levar para consultar em meu site, assim eu sei que ele preencheu um formulário.

    Tem uma API especial?

  • Tiago Holanda

    Olá criei um formulário para cadastros.
    quero saber como faço para dar acesso aos usuários as suas próprias fichas de cadastro separadamente?

  • socialbot

    hello Im trying to make pay pal work on my website

  • panamaofrece

    Hello there, wish you a nice day!

    have 2 question for you

    1.- how can i put and access code to allow somebody fill a form?
    for example... just with this code ###### you can access at the students form!

    2.- authorized apps! i just want to allow the access from my app (i still work on it) if you copy and paste the link in a browser somebody else could fill it out of my app... can i block it? and allow the access only from my app?