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How to Print the Form with the Users Data

How to Print the Form with the Users Data

This is a bit advanced topic and something that when building yourself would take days to do, but with JotForm Form Builder all you need are few clicks to have it running as you wish.

There are few ways to do this but it would depend if you are just starting with your form or if you have already built your form and are looking to print out some older submissions.

Also, in some cases, all that you would need is shown in this guide here: How to Show Headers and Text in the PDF.

Now if you still want to print the form out just as it is - the way you have designed it - and if you are looking for a way to do it all the time then the following steps are for you.

Utilizing Emails and Edit Link to Print Submissions

All that we need to do to be able to print the submission with the form looking as we have designed it and with all the data entered is to set up the email notification to send us the link that we can use for this.

Basically, we will add a print button to the form (or even on all pages if you so wish) - you can do that by following the steps here: Print Button on Forms, and once done that we will add the edit link tag to our email notification: {edit_link}.

What it will do for us, is that it will create a link to the specific submission made on your jotform and once you click on it, it will take you to the form with all of the data that was added during that submission with the fields pre-filled for you.

Once you are there, it is easy to just click on the print button on your form and print the pages out, or use the print option in your browser - if that is what you prefer (usually found under File -> Print).

Now, this is a very simple way to do it, for your future submissions, but there is a way to do it for your past submissions as well and that is described in the following segment.

Utilizing JotForm Tables to Print Submissions

While we can not go back in time and set the email notification to enable us to print the old submissions, this is still possible through JotForm Tables.

The way to do it is to select your form and then click on the Submissions button.

In JotForm Tables, select the submission, click the More button at the top right side, click Edit Entry.

This will open the form in the edit mode so all of your data should be clearly shown to you. All that you need to do now is to utilize the print buttons on your jotform and that is it (doing it this way requires that you do not use the browser’s print option, but form’s print button instead).

Are you looking for something that is not yet described above? Have some issues setting it all up? Just want to say that it is just what you were after? - If any of the above have found a match with you, just let us know about it in the comments section under this post :)

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  • Braussie

    Guys, come on, you gotta do something much simpler than this.
    Everything is perfect with Jotform until you reach the PDF file for filled forms.
    This is extremely confusing and not effective at all!!!

    You guys have to do something about it.

    I'm just about to start looking for another company only because of this feature.

  • barbara_edg

    In JotForm Tables, select the submission, click the More button at the top right side, click Edit Entry.
    I do that and the instructions say to print w the print button on the jot form but I have no print button.

  • thequeenscare

    How can I print unfilled form to fill it manually? (it's necessary to meet Law requirements)

  • Boquete3

    Is there a way to allow my clients to print an order that would contain all of the data in the notification email, which in this case is mainly composed of Inventory Widget data?

  • greezball1116

    I am using conditional logic on my forms that will disable or hide portions of the form from users depending on their responses to questions. I want them to be able to print their completed form for their records. Currently my Print Button function prints the entire form including hidden and disabled or skipped portions of the form not relevant to users. How can the print function apply only to those portions of the form that are relevant to each individual user or just print out a particular page in the form rather than all pages in the form?

  • judycanby

    How do I print out multiple submissions? I've looked everywhere in the Support menu.

  • kishronos

    can I print all the submissions at once?

  • My_Charity

    It is not clear if this post submition printing is available to each user as opposed to the owner of the form. I have been told that many younger IT users do not have printers so would have to go somewhere like work, or a friends, to print the form but that it would almost always be after the form had been submitted. Is it possible that a user can print a form after it has been submitted, or not?

    John Kaye.

  • atlanticmate

    When I try to print my form that has "Like don't like buttons" it does not print the buttons or colors/ How do I print the form just as you see it in the form creator with all the grafix?

  • Teacher_JC

    How do I print multiple forms in one paper page?

    Is it possible to like print 4 forms (with different form responses of the same form) in one page?

  • iamphilipsun

    Any way to print ENCRYPTED past submissions, with both form AND user data?

    When I try to print / save to PDF submissions, all I get are submitted user data, without the form. Or, if I use the Submissions Panel, I get encrypted user data, again without form.

    I'd like to print out a formal document, with both form and user data completed.

  • anihelmick

    I made a clone of a form from last year (Student Questionnaire). I went to print the PDFs and found that my customized PDF format didn't translate to the new form. Do I have to re-design the pdf in the new file or can I import it?

  • ChrisHaiskey

    I would like to print the "Edit Form" with all entries which include conditions to each question. We have a lot of conditions and they will not show on the "Preview".

    Thank you.

  • dtschott

    I am looking for how to allow end user to print submission information. The print tab within the form allows the user to print but the page breaks cut out some of the data. With out trial an error and adding additional fields to move fields down is there a way to get this done?

  • tarana101

    I am new to online fillable forms. I have several questions.

    How do I create a link to get to the online form from websites.

    Can there be two recipients of the filled forms that people submit?

    Can you direct me to the area of info in regards to this topic on your website?


  • lindybingham

    Hello, I want to print out the completed forms on 8-1/2" x 5-1/2" paper. That being 1/2 of a standard 8-1/2" x 11" in landscape mode.
    I have tried this and the right margin goes way over to the right.
    Where do I find a place to change the right margin to 3/4" on the right, 3/4 on the left, 1" at the top and 1" at the bottom in landscape mode. It does, of course, print on a standard portrait paper. However, it makes it easier to make my mock up book with the printouts fitting perfectly on the page which would require the image be rotated 90 degrees, also.
    If there is not a place for me to change orientation and page size, would you be able to do that? I have tried to copy and paste the completed form into Word with the page size and orientation at what I described above. It fits in the page but it inserts a bullet in the left margin, and I don't know where it came from. It is very time consuming to delete the bullets one at a time. Can you help me?

  • KJ2018

    I am using the PDF Widgit to attach my document but that only allows me the URL link. I would like to see the PDF document as part of my form or attached as a full viewable document. How can I accomplish? When my customer opens the Form I want them to see the PDF document with out selecting a link?

  • damuprabhakar

    1.Is it possible to print individual user data as PDF within a custom overall size, like size of visiting card? The idea is to issue such a printout as Id card.

  • CampCrossfire

    How can I print just, say, page 2 of a three page form?

  • David Hughes

    1. Can i have JotForm email me a PDF with each result as it is submitted?

    2. Can I export all the form data, user by user, as PDF files?

  • bnoreen

    I'm receiving no data in e-mail notifiers. What I get is subject: "(TEST) Re: {form_title}"
    and only "undefined" in the body. I've deleted and re-created default notifiers with no luck. Please help!

    My end goal is to re-format the tables in the e-mail in order to print the filled form exactly as shown. It appears this should be possible, but I cannot seem to make it work.

  • QuenchUSA

    I am trying to print out all of my created forms at once. I don't want to click on each form one at a time to print. Is there a way I can print all forms created? I don't want to print any that have been filled or submitted just blanks of the creations. Is this possible?

  • dianawelden

    I am having an issue with printing a form in PDF format. When I "get PDF", it is leaving off segments of the form, even when I insert page breaks. Any help with this?

  • FL72_PE

    how do i enable the print button when in submission edit view

  • James Nelson

    Thank you for this support and feedback, however when I go to the edit mode for the form that I want to print, the print icon and text are greyed out how do i enable these