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How to enable geo stamping on your forms

How to enable geo stamping on your forms

A geo stamp could be one of the most important fields you can add to your form. 

A geo stamp adds geo location information each time your form is opened, stamping each response with longitude and latitude data depending on the responder's location. 

Most of the data you collect will need some sort of verification or associated information which will corroborate what you have received from your form users. 

The geostamp not only provides a way to query the validity of the supplied information, but allows you to visualize the distribution of your form using the geographic information stamped on your form. 

In order to add a geo stamp on your form, you simply have to use the geo stamp widget as show below: 

1. Drag the Geostamp field onto your form.

geostamp add

2. Save your Form. And that's it! Every submission you receive will be geo stamped. 

Geo Stamped Form

Here's a sample form for you to try out:  

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