How to Integrate Square With Jotform

March 7, 2023

Square is an online payment gateway. You can accept credit and visa debit card payments from your customers and process them entirely through Square. Payments can be immediate or authorized for later capture.

Connecting your form to your Square account allows customers to securely make online purchases or payments without leaving your form. Orders can also be easily tracked directly in your Square Dashboard.

Integrating your form with Square is relatively easy. Create a new or edit an existing form and follow the steps below.

  1. In Form Builder, click the Add Form Element button on the top-left side of the screen.
  2. Go to the Payments tab.
  3. Click Square from the list. You can also drag/drop it to add.
Jotform Form Builder showing the Add Form Element button, Payments tab, and Square payment gateway added in the form
  1. Select a Mode first. Test Mode is for testing in Sandbox, and Live Mode is for accepting live payments.
  2. Click the Connect button in the Payment Settings to connect your Square account. Once connected, the button will display as Connected.
  3. Set up the other options accordingly:
    • Business Location — If your business has multiple locations and you have them added in Square, you can select one here. It’s where Jotform will send your form transactions.
    • Currency — Currency is locked based on your currency settings with Square.
    • Payment Type — With Square, you can sell products or subscriptions, collect donations or allow user-defined amounts.
    • Payment Methods — Credit Card is the default, but you can accept payments using Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Cash App Pay.
Jotform Form Builder with the Square Payment Settings on the right side showing the dropdowns and options for Business Location, Currency, Payment Type, and Payment Methods

Did you know?

You can open the Payment Settings by clicking the Wand icon on the right side of the Square gateway.

Under the Additional Gateway Settings, you’ll find several options, which include the following unique options for Square:

  • Customer Email — Choose the email address the form will send to Square. Useful if you have multiple email addresses in the form.
  • Authorization Only — You can set up Square to authorize payments only and charge customers at a later date. Visit How to Enable Payment Authorization for more information.
  • Send Payment Receipt — Choose whether to send the Square-generated receipt to your customers.
Additional Gateway Settings of Square integration showing the toggles for Customer Email, Authorization Only, and Send Payment Receipt
  1. If you’ve selected Sell Products or Sell Subscriptions from the Payment Type, scroll down and click the Continue button to add your product or subscription items. If it’s the others, click the Save button to complete the integration.

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Get more done with powerful, easy-to-use online forms.

Learn how in this helpful, free guide from Jotform.

Jotform for Beginners.
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