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How to hide Form title and Form progress bar in Card Forms

How to hide Form title and Form progress bar in Card Forms

This is a feature that you would, most probably, look for when you decide to embed your form. You would like to hide Form title or Form progress bar,  or maybe both? 

Here is how to do that:

1. While in the Form Builder, go to Settings - Form Settings:

2. Scroll a bit down and locate Show Form Title or Show Form Progress:

And set either one to No at your convenience.

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  • JeffBender

    I disabled "Show Form Progress" but still have page numbers at the bottom of each card. Can't find a way to disable page numbers. They don't make sense when you use conditional logic. The actual number of cards a user will see is based on the answers they give. Some may only see several cards and some me see 14. When the form is opened, I think seeing 1 of 14 may cause people to leave the form, thinking it will take too long to complete it.

  • marketingmba

    Can we disable that people jump to questions by clicking on the progress bar.
    This feature is unfortunately not well planned. :-/

  • atraetusmejoresclientes

    Esto quiere decir que la barra de progreso solo sale en los formularios de respuesta simple y no en los completos?