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How to let users view their submission?

How to let users view their submission?

This guide will help you, if you decide at any point, to let your users view their submitted data.

For, example, if you wish to let your users view the submission they just made, but you don't want to use the emailing system (and inform them via Notification mail).

To do that, please follow:

1. In your form builder, go to Settings - Thank you page:

2. In the Thank you page, add this link:{id}

Where id is submission ID that you can get from the Form Fields menu:

3. The link can be added together with some informing text, for example:

                            To view your submission, please click this link: 

4. Your users will see a Thank you page similar to this:

And they will be able to view their submission via link:

If you want to avoid emailing or integrating your form to any 3rd party application, that is a perfect way to show a user submitted data.

If you need any further assistance, feel free to leave your comments below.

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  • DeneHz


    I have a similar problem to @FoodCloudForms below. When trying to view the submission via the link ( there are no responses just the questions. Can you help?

  • edivisions

    Hi, Is this option only available in "Classic Form"? I don't find this option in "Card Form".

  • dariaschymura

    When I try this, users see an unauthorized access error. How do I fix this?

  • FoodCloudForms

    When I try this, participants can only see the blank form, not their responses. How do I fix this?

  • chocpsychology

    Hi, is there an expiration on the submission link, and is there a way to password protect it, or could respondents view it perpetually? Just wondering about this, especially in the case of HIPAA-protected data, since wouldn't there then be a risk that someone could view all that protected health information if they just stumbled upon that link?