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User Guide: Enterprise Admin Panel

User Guide: Enterprise Admin Panel

If you happen to be an ADMIN user of your company’s  Enterprise server, you would probably find it useful to know how your server is doing, how many submissions are being received, how many forms are used on server and how those forms are being viewed by end users. All these options and many others are presented with a new updated Admin Panel. It allows to review and manage forms of every specific server user, transfer form ownership from one user to another, add or remove users etc. 

›››  Dashboard
›››  User Management
›››  Form Management
›››  Activity Log
›››  Account Settings


Dashboard provides a comprehensive view of a Form Usage stats. Here you can review the counts for total submissions, forms and views. A graphical representation is available as well


Graph can be built based on daily, weekly or monthly data

A custom time range can be easily applied from a calendar popup

You can use the buttons on the right to switch between SUBMISSIONS, FORMS and VIEWS

Under the graph all forms are presented in a table view with a search option and Last Submission, Submissions, Views sorting parameters

Form Name and Created by values are clickable, so feel free to review form or owner specific stats

User Management

The title of a User Management tab speaks for itself. All users of an Enterprise server are listed here with quick access to user history and profile configuration. Search and sorting options are in place as well. You can create a new user, delete one or several of existing users, change admin/user permission level
User Management

›››  How to Create a New User

To create a new user, click Add New User button at the top right 

Afterwards, just fill in the following fields:

›››  How to Delete a User

To delete users, just select one or several users by marking a respective checkbox left to Name of a user. Afterwards, confirm with the Delete Users button on the top right

›››  How to Change a User Type

A User Type column of a table runs autosave, you can quickly change admin/user permission level for every particular employee

›››  How to Update Settings and Profile Information of a User

Settings column allows to update a user's profile and account information such as full name, email, username, account type etc. 

›››  How to Review Activity Logs of a User

In order to check account activity logs, you can go to the User History page. Use the two dropdown filters to set a time range and switch between actions:

- Account Creation

- Logins

- Form Creations

- Form Modifications

- Form Deletions (forms that are moved into a Trash folder)

- Form Purges (forms that are permanently deleted by purging via Trash folder)

- Account Email Changes

- Webhooks Update

- Emails (emails history for all user’s forms)

Form Management

Form Management screen lists all forms that are available on a server. With the help of ‘Download All’ button, you can easily export forms list into CSV or Excel file. 
Name of a User is a clickable value. You can click on it to review the forms of individual users/employees

Form Management panel allows you to transfer form ownership from one user to another one. When you transfer form ownership, a form and respective data is moved from one account to another. 

To move a form, just select one or several forms and proceed with the ‘Move Forms’ button

Other form management options are available for individual forms on the right. These are 

- View Form (opens a form via direct form link)

- Edit Form (loads a form in form builder)

- View Submissions

- Delete Form

Activity Log

Server Admins can now review all actions performed by users. It is possible to get filtered results based on time range, username and actions. Search operations are also supported on the Activity Log page.

The following actions are tracked:

Forms Created
Form Modifications
Form Deletions
Form Purges
Submission Edits
Submission Deletions

Activity Log

A consolidated log of server activity can be exported as excel or CSV file:

Activity Log Export

The tabs on the right are operational too, so feel free to use them for quick switch between tracked actions: 

Account Settings

At this page you can set a Company Logo, Favicon or change Company Name as to your preferences
If you would like to change Domain Address of your server, please request this update from your direct support person via email and we will instruct you on how to proceed

Account Settings

Contact Support:
Our customer support team is available 24/7 and our average response time is between one to two hours.
Our team can be contacted via:
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