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How to Download Form Submissions as Excel/CSV/PDF

How to Download Form Submissions as Excel/CSV/PDF

UPDATE: We are excited to announce that we have just released the new version of JotForm PDF Editor.

Downloading your form's Submission Data in EXCEL, CSV, or PDF is possible with JotForm. Get started by following all the steps below:

1. Go to your MY FORMS page.

2. Click the form where you need to download your submissions.

3. Click the SUBMISSIONS button.

If you'd like to download your submissions partially, please proceed to STEP 4. This may apply to those who are experiencing download issues due to a very high number of submissions. Else, proceed to STEP 6.

4. On the Submissions Page, click the GEAR icon.

5. Pick a TIME FRAME upon your discretion.

You can also use a CUSTOM TIME FRAME to limit the date range of your submissions. This allows you to get a smaller batch of submissions for easier downloading.

6. Once you're done, click the EXCEL, CSV or PDF button to start the download process.

NOTE: We have added a new mode to let the system check your form submissions count and download submissions by batch of 5000 per queue. You will see a popup dialog about this process, so just follow the steps listed on the popup.

Questions? Please write it in the comments section below.

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  • Schweder

    Do I have to have a paid subscription to Jotform to have an Excel download option? I don't see that under my forms as an option.

  • youngivyacademy

    There is a label (or a field name) next to a field which is supposed to be filled out. When we download it as a CSV file, these labels are supposed to become column headers. Can the label names be different from the underlying field names (which would have become columns in CSV)? I hope that I make my questions clear.

    You guys are great. Appreciated.

  • Trish Deane

    We'd like to fetch a list of submissions via the API. Is that possible?

  • Julie Graham

    These instructions don't work. Followed them to the letter and only the most recent entry gets included n the PDF report. Call Survey Monkey for help-- they've had a foolproof option for this function for a decade.

  • R1R1R1R1

    Is jotform which will all products online ok

  • RumahSejati

    Hi, there....
    I've shared a report's link to people who submit to my form. However, it seems that the report file (excel) can not be downloaded from android smartphone.
    However, ff the submitter fill the form using browser in PC and access the report link, the download can be performed perfectly.

    Do you have a solution for this issue ?

  • rmaker

    Can this download be set to automatically download and send this week's file to me? If not, that feature would be a great add.

  • windupbird

    Please help me. My subscription will end midnight today and the submissions that I can download is from December 6 to 13. I cannot view the submissions from November 15 - December 5. I paid for a month's subscription and jotform is only giving me a week's submission. I felt shortchanged. I paid for one month data and I'm only given a week's report. By midnight everything will return to zero submission and I cannot even access it tomorrow.

  • Froydis

    okay so now i have found the download PDF BUTTON however it downloads to an encrypted file with all the submissions in 1!!! very frustrating!

  • Froydis

    help i am able to view my submissions as PDFs but cant see how to download the files! any advice?

  • ridgefielddance

    I still can't batch print my 412 notes. Only one at a time comes up.
    Caroline Burns

  • lessman67

    I have downloaded my submission in the PDF format, and I get a message that I will receive an email notifying me when the ZIP FILE is ready. I have done this repeated times, over the last 7 hours. Is this option working yet?

  • Lighthouseman

    I've downloaded my submissions in PDF format but it is not in my Downloads folder so where is it please?

  • Aurko

    I want the data from a widget in separate columns. Right now, all the different answers are coming together in one column. Any way to get the data in the required format?

    Or alternately, is it possible to have the add function for a set of questions outside a grid?

  • artel

    Our form entries are delivered directly to dropbox as PDF. Any possibility to have the delivery also in the Excel form? Thanks.

  • Envyeyesandwax

    is there a way to download file in correct file folder save with client first and last name? instead of ID number?

  • ugafun

    i only see PDF

    Is it because i have free version?

  • nemontessori

    I used to be able to do a download of single submissions as a pdf, then recently the same process leads to a zip folder being downloaded of multiple copies of the same submission, or of an earlier submission and not the one that I had selected......frustrating

  • Dth92210

    This export does not sort my data into columns for multiple registrants. For example, all cell phone numbers do are not listed in one columns. Instead they are spread out in a column for each entry. For 15 registrants, with three pieces of information that is 45 columns with one piece of information in each. Is there a work around that it will sort into three columns?

  • alexisoberreit

    I've used JotForm for a few years with no problems, mainly to take in inscriptions for a summer music workshop with about 70 participants. This year we have 68 submissions but there's a problem with the Excel download. If I click on the "download" button it downloads ok (the download appears bottom left on my screen) but when I open the download only the Excel app opens, without any document. Tried several times without success.

  • uinnovate

    Can you download multiple submissions in PDF from one form but all with one download click? So instead of getting one pdf with 10 submissions, download the 10 submissions separately but with one click instead of one by one (which when you have +300 responses it gets quite time consuming)

  • dbanks8

    my jot form is only downloading one submission at a time even though I have selected all 9 submissions. I need it to download all 9 submissions each on a separate page in one file

  • artisanseo

    Where do the downloaded spreadsheets go?
    No options and don't know what the filename is so difficult to find on a large crowded drive.


  • dmayxl

    Thank you. I figured this out after I sent the email. But appreciated your quick respond. Thank you.

  • cantrade

    I have four active forms and about 8-10 submissions for them. I need an explanation about the 5000 per queue topic. Even if you have stored every submission for every form I have ever made it would not reach 5000 I think.

  • asafbv

    Brilliant, thank you.

  • fliartistsinfo

    where does the excel file download to? I can't find it.

  • Roberto Kai Hegeler

    Can I ad a filed to download the submission as CSV or Excel? So a user gets a CSV/Excel file?

  • Diego Dora

    i have integrate the form with google drive, so i want the submission form in excel(send to google drive) to do so???

  • Jorge Preciado

    Compañeros quiero eliminar filas de
    como hago


  • sstone3

    Is there a way to download each response as a separate PDF file?

  • IphanIlhadoCampeche

    Olá, gostaria de saber se existe uma forma de meu formulário respondido ficar em apenas 1 folha quando eu fizer o download em PDF? E a foto sai muito grande, daí ocupa um espaço muito grande na folha, utilizando duas folhas, sendo que uma seria ideal... Aguardo e agradeço!

  • tiffanystone

    is there a way to partially download your submissions to Excel with a date AND TIME range? EX: 1/20/15 @ 6:00AM through 1/27/15 @ 6:00am. I tried putting 0600 after the date but nothing happened.

  • qbuster

    I have over 650 responses to a 100 question survey and it would really use to be able to filter reports and/or downloads by different fields.

    For example, each form includes demographic information like age-groups, gender, address (house number & postcode), etc. as well as the survey questions themselves.

    Ideally, I would to produce reports that have been filtered by each of the demographic fields.

    PS The current 'filter' allows partial downloads by time slots and gives the user the opportunity to select which fields to include in the download - could we have a quick way to select/deselect all fields? At the moment the default is All Fields which, if like our form, means having manually deselect a choice of over 100 fields if we are only interested in one or more specific fields.


    Will Chapman

  • baxcommercial

    Can I create a report based on only a portion of the submissions?

  • pdoss

    this is not what I meant...did you go to the "Elf on a Shelf" registry and complete the steps to see the outcome? It is a .jpg with the data embedded - so the user can print it out immediately after filling out the form. I was hoping to acived this through jotform and a pdf form...

  • latrama

    I can't download my forms to an Excel doc.
    It says there is an error in download .Is it worcking?
    Thanks for your service

  • guest_30105664929052

    Can an image be created from the completed form and be set up to auto-download and transfer to a secure server at the time the submit button fires? And can the data from the form be downloaded as a CSV file and downloaded at the same time as the image?

  • baxcommercial

    After I perform a search in submissions, can I or why can't I, only download those results in an excel file instead of all submissions?

  • jgc

    can I view the submission in the layout I created and print it out? I work with psychiatrists and need to have it very readable and can the dr then type notes along side their answers?

  • phuketh3

    Oops. Answered my own question after searching around in the forum. Brilliant solution, more that I was asking for. Well done guys.

  • phuketh3

    What would be really neat for me would be to allow people to view a table of submissions online. Or have I missed a feature that's already there?

    To be effective I'd want to make this table publicly available on my site but I'd want control over which columns are displayed.

  • Andrewr

    What would be really wizzy is if I was able to set up a report and then have it automatically update an excel or CSV in my dropbox folder.

  • papanx


  • davepoly12

    What if I want the report to show up as a drop down form. I have a rating site that I want the review page to have a drop down to see the reviews and a drop down to create a review. Is there a way to have the reviews update along with the people taking the reviews as well as show up on the same page?