How the PDF Connection works with Smart PDF Forms?

November 8, 2021

Jotform Smart PDF Forms converts your existing PDF forms into easy-to-fill online forms. Once your PDF form is uploaded and converted, your online form fields will be connected to your PDF form fields. If you’re wondering how the PDF connection options on the Settings page work, keep reading.

Show PDF thumbnail on the welcome page

This is a thumbnail of the original PDF that’s displayed when you view or embed the form. This particular page is uneditable. Click the Start Filling button to fill out the form.

Enable the Preview PDF button at the end of your form

When enabled, a Preview PDF button will be added to the bottom of your form beside the Submit button. If a user has filled out the online form, clicking the Preview PDF button will open the original PDF with their form entries in it. 

Show the Download and Send as Email buttons on the Thank You page

When this option is enabled, users can download a PDF copy of their submission through the Thank You page. They can also send the PDF to their email address or to someone else.

Clicking the Download PDF button downloads the PDF file.

Clicking the Send PDF as Email button will open the email address input box. Enter the email address and click the Send button.

Enable original PDF attachment in the autoresponder email

When this option is checked, the autoresponder email template will automatically enable the PDF Attachment and select the original PDF file as the attachment. 

You can still include a new PDF document if you wish. Just select the appropriate document from the list.

Enable the original PDF attachment in the notification email

The same goes for the autoresponder email. This option selects the original PDF as the attachment. 

Note that for HIPAA accounts, both autoresponder and notification emails are disabled by default. Enabling either will require you to set a password, a requirement for HIPAA.

The same password is carried over to the autoresponder and notification template settings. You do not need to change it. 

Now, how about turning off the PDF connection? You can find out how to do that in the following guide:

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