How to Assign Tasks to Your Team Members & Employees with Jotform Tables?

January 7, 2022

When you want your team to collaborate and help manage your form data, you go ahead and share the Jotform Tables. Assigning entries, however, can be tedious, especially if you manually type their names, let them know by email, and have them find the assigned entries at Jotform Tables. All of these can now be set up instantly with the Assignee column.

In Jotform Tables, you can add the Assignee column by following these steps:

1. Click the Add button at the last column of your Jotform Tables. Alternatively, click the Columns at the top toolbar, and click Add a new column option:

Jotform Tables - Add Assignee Column

2. From the Basic tab, choose Assignee and click the Next button. Enter your column name on the next screen.

Jotform Tables - Assignee Column

3. With the Assignee column, you can notify collaborators by email once you assign them to an entry. You can also opt to choose multiple collaborators for each entry. Just toggle these options from the next screen. Click the Create Column button when you’re done.

Jotform Tables - Assignee Properties

4. The Assignee column is now created. You’ll see all collaborators from the list when you click the entry of the assignee column. From the same screen, it’s also possible to add collaborators by clicking the Invite link.

Jotform Tables - Assignee Column

Choosing a collaborator from the list will then assign them the task/entry. The following email is sent informing them of the assignment. Note that the email is sent only when the Notify via Email is turned on as explained from Step 3.

Jotform Tables - Assigned Task Email

Clicking the View Entry button from the email will redirect them to the Jotform Tables, and the assigned entry will then open for the collaborators to process:

Jotform Tables - View Entry

The data inside of the assignee column is supported by the charts feature of Jotform Tables, Reports, and PDF Editor. For example, Summarize with a chart in Jotform Tables.

Jotform Tables - Quick Summary

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And Form Reports:

Jotform Tables - Chat for Assignee

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