Application Approval Process Templates

18 Templates

Speed up the way you process job applications, rental applications, and other application types with Jotform’s free Application Approval Process Templates. When you receive a submission through your application form, it will automatically be sent to the first person in your approval flow — who will decide to approve the request, deny it, or forward it to another member of your company. Once the final approver has responded from any device, the person who submitted the form will receive an autoresponder email informing them of the decision. All of our Application Approval Process Templates are fully customizable, so you can easily add more approvers, personalize emails, set up notifications, and more!

Rental Application Approval Process Template

Process rental requests from potential tenants online. Great for letting agencies and landlords. Automate your approval flow. Easy to customize. No coding required.


Personal Loan Approval Process Template

Process personal loan applications online. Easy-to-customize approval flow. Add approvers, customize autoresponder emails, and set up notifications with no coding.


Mortgage Pre-Approval Process Template

Speed up the mortgage pre-approval process at your financial institution. Easy drag-and-drop customization. Add approvers, conditions, custom emails, and more.


Internship Approval Process Template

Get internship applications online and find your next intern fast. Free automated approval flow template. Add approvers, conditions, emails, and more. No coding.

Human Resources

HOA Approval Process Template

Simplify requests for your homeowners association. Free automated approval flow template for HOAs. Easy to add approvers, automated emails, conditions, and more.


PPP Loan Approval Process Template

Process PPP loan applications seamlessly on any device. Approve or deny in one click. Send automated email responses. Set up notifications. No coding required.


Church Membership Application Approval Process Template

Simplify the approval process for membership applications at your church. Free automated approval flow template. Add approvers, emails, and more. No coding.


Volunteer Application Approval Process Template

Find volunteers for your organization fast. Get applications instantly. Automate your approval flow. Fully customizable. Mobile-friendly. No coding needed.


Business Loan Pre-Approval Process Template

Speed up your business loan pre-approval process. Customize to add more approvers and better match your company. Automatically send emails, notifications, and more.


Car Loan Pre-Approval Process Template

Quickly approve or reject car loan pre-approval applications online. Easy-to-customize online approval flow template. Set up autoresponders, notifications, and more.


Sponsorship Approval Process Template

Respond to sponsorship applications fast. Free automated approval flow template for sponsors. Assign approvers via email. Add emails, conditions, and more. No coding.


KYC Approval Process Template

Process Know Your Customer (KYC) applications online. Great for banks and other financial institutions. Easy to customize. Respond on any device. No coding required.


Home Loan Approval Process Template

Collect home loan applications online and streamline approvals. Free automated approval flow template for mortgage companies, banks, and lenders. No coding.


NFTs Marketplace Approval Process Template

Find artists to showcase in your NFT art gallery. Free automated approval flow template for online marketplaces. Add approvers, emails, and more. No coding.


Guaranteed Loan Approval Process Template

Process guaranteed loan applications online. Great for financial institutions. Easy-to-customize automated approval flow. Send custom autoresponder emails.


Unemployment Benefits Approval Process

Free automated approval flow template for unemployment insurance. Get requests online and respond instantly. Assign approvers via email. No coding required.


Listener Application Approval Process Template

Gather and respond to applications from your listeners. Automate your approval flow to save time. Customize without coding. Send emails, set up conditions, and more.


Publishing Agreement Approval Process Template

Review publishing agreements fast with an automated online approval flow. View agreement details and approve or deny in a single click. Customize with no coding.