Quizizz vs Kahoot!: Choosing the right quiz platform

Education methods are rapidly evolving, and tools like Quizizz and Kahoot! are playing a significant role by offering dynamic, game-based alternatives to traditional teaching. But are these innovative teaching methods really beneficial?

Game-based learning offers several advantages for students, such as enhanced engagement, improved retention, and increased motivation. Leveraging digital platforms that enhance learning is becoming a high priority.

Let’s explore the nuances of Quizizz and Kahoot! and compare their features to help you choose between these innovative educational tools.

The basics of Quizizz and Kahoot!

Quizizz is an online learning platform that allows educators to create customized quizzes and make learning more engaging and interactive. Its diverse quiz features cater to various learning styles, making it a versatile tool in any educational setting.

User Interface of Quizizz

Kahoot! is a game-based educational platform known for its interactive and lively quiz formats. Teachers can create their quizzes or use existing templates to make learning both fun and effective. Kahoot! also offers features for tracking student progress and setting learning objectives, making it a comprehensive tool for educators.

Landing Page of Kahoot!

As we explore these platforms, it’s also worth noting that Jotform’s test generator software is a robust tool for creating online tests and quizzes that can complement these platforms. It excels in creating user-friendly, highly accessible quizzes. Plus, its integration capabilities allow you to pair it with a wide range of educational platforms.

Feature comparison: Quizizz vs Kahoot!

  • Quiz features and game variety
    • Quizizz offers a large database of premade quiz options, catering to different subjects and grade levels. The variety of games allows educators to quickly develop quizzes tailored to their students’ needs.
    • Kahoot! focuses on the gamification of learning. Its exercises are varied and interactive, encouraging active participation from students. The different game modes help teachers keep the learning process fresh.
  • Data tracking
    • Both platforms provide detailed data analytics, allowing educators to track student performance and identify areas for improvement. Teachers can also use this data to adjust teaching strategies according to current student needs.
  • Pricing
    • Quizizz offers basic features for free. For its premium upgrades, you’ll have to request a quote.
    • Kahoot! has a free basic plan as well as paid tiers. Kahoot!+ Start is $3.99 per month per teacher. Kahoot!+ Premier is $7.99 per month per teacher, and Kahoot!+ Max is $9.99 per month per teacher)​. It also has a different pricing structure for teams and schools, with plans starting at $12.49 per month per teacher. The price per teacher decreases as you add more teachers to the plan.
  • Messaging capabilities and notifications
    • Quizizz doesn’t allow direct messaging, but its notification function makes up for it. It alerts students about upcoming quizzes and sends results instantly.
    • Kahoot! doesn’t support messaging or notifications.
  • Integration with other tools
    • Quizizz integrates with various educational tools and platforms (such as Google Classroom), making it easy for educators to sync class data and distribute quizzes directly through these platforms. It also supports integration with popular learning management system (LMS) platforms.
    • Kahoot! also integrates with Google Classroom as an add-on, facilitating easy access and enhancing collaborative learning and ease of quiz deployment. It also pairs with a range of third-party apps.

The right digital platform for enhancing your teaching

When deciding between Quizizz and Kahoot!, consider the following factors:

  • The learning objectives and style of your classroom
  • The level of engagement and interactivity you’re hoping to achieve
  • Your comfort with technology and the platform’s ease of use
  • The specific features you need, such as data tracking and game variety
  • Your budget constraints and the value each platform’s pricing model offers

Quizizz and Kahoot! offer unique benefits and can significantly enhance the learning experience. Your choice will depend on your specific educational needs, the preferences of your students, and the overall goals of your curriculum. But your options don’t end with these two platforms.

Jotform is a user-friendly alternative to game-style educational tools like Quizizz and Kahoot! Its intuitive drag-and-drop interface allows you to create diverse educational materials, ranging from simple quizzes to complex, adaptive surveys. It also offers thousands of education-related templates for quizzes, forms, and spreadsheets that you can customize to meet your exact needs.

Jotform’s data management tools, like Jotform Tables, provide valuable insights into student performance, helping you identify learning gaps and refine teaching methods. Quiz results automatically populate in a corresponding table, so you can review everything in one place.

Teachers can even build their own custom quiz apps with Jotform Apps — no coding required. It’s also easy to add multimedia elements like YouTube videos to quizzes and forms with just a couple of clicks.

Jotform offers a free plan and offers a 50 percent educational discount on all paid plans. Educational institutions can also take advantage of a 30 percent discount on Jotform Enterprise, making it a cost-effective choice for larger groups. Try Jotform for free today.

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