10 Schoology alternatives in 2024

Even before COVID-19 revolutionized the education system, cloud-based learning management software (LMS) — like Schoology — helped provide a more streamlined, interactive learning environment for teachers, students, parents, and administrators. It’s practical, engaging, easy to use, and easy to understand, and it improves productivity by automating traditional classroom management activities.

With the right LMS, you can

  • Easily create appealing, interactive quizzes and tests
  • Store assignments, student data, assessments, training guides, and development plans in one secure location
  • Provide 24-7 access to all assignments, resources, and calendars
  • Save time, money, and resources
  • Offer an effective, engaging learning environment — whether it’s face-to-face, remote, or a hybrid of both.

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Schoology is well-equipped to provide a customized learning experience for K–12 students, thanks to its data and analytics, personalized pacing, performance reporting, instant access to grades, and resource sharing. And with more than 20 million users — as well as a catalog of app integrations to increase productivity — Schoology should be on your shortlist of LMS solutions.

But it doesn’t have to be the only one on the list. Here are 10 Schoology alternatives to consider.

1. Blackboard Learn

Image of Blackboard Learn

Offering features like built-in integrations and anti-plagiarism tools to efficient workflows and actionable dashboards, LMS Blackboard Learn is your one-stop shop for learning management. It’s simple, reliable, highly transparent, and customizable — whether you need help identifying at-risk students, improving outcomes, or increasing graduation rates. Plus, the platform touts more than 180 educational technology experts on its team, so you can trust they know how to deliver extraordinary learning experiences.

2. TalentLMS

Image of TalentLMS

Next on the list of Schoology alternatives is TalentLMS, the cloud-based learning management software that lets you create courses, add users, and go live in just one day. With TalentLMS, you can build your own quizzes and tests, lay out a specific learning path for each individual student, automate tasks, and meet and connect on any device at any time. And since it integrates with a plethora of third-party applications, you can supercharge every aspect of your platform’s design and functionality.

3. Jotform

Last on the list of Schoology alternatives is online form builder Jotform, a tool educational institutions worldwide use and trust. It’s powerful, fully customizable, shareable, and completely code-free, allowing teachers — regardless of their programming experience — to build educational forms (like quizzes and tests), tables, PDFs, and apps that engage their students. You can collect, manage, and organize student data with Jotform quickly and easily. And the best part? Jotform offers a 50 percent education discount for teachers.

4. Seesaw

Image of Seesaw

For meaningful student engagement, look no further than classroom application Seesaw, which keeps the lines of communication open between students, teachers, and families and keeps everyone on the same page. By using built-in multimodal tools — such as drawing, voice recording, collage, and video capabilities — Seesaw helps students unlock creative thinking, teachers gain insight, and parents see their child’s work and progress.

5. Moodle

Image of Moodle

Translated into more than 100 languages, open-source learning platform Moodle boasts features like plugins and integrations, achievement badges and certificates, workshop peer reviews, gamification, and custom reports to create effective and innovative online teaching and learning solutions. It’s affordable, scalable, flexible, includes full data control and age-of-consent checks, and meets compliance standards.

6. Google Classroom

Image of Google Classroom

As an all-in-one learning platform for both teaching and learning, Google Classroom helps teachers create courses; distribute assignments; send and receive constructive feedback; and communicate with staff, students, and parents. From simplifying everyday tasks and managing student data to flagging security issues and guaranteeing a 99.9 percent uptime, this Schoology alternative is powerful, comprehensive, practical, and secure. In fact, some reviewers find it’s easier to set up and is easier to use than Schoology.

7. Canvas by Instructure

Image of Canvas by Instructure

Education software Canvas by Instructure aims to make student success more equitable at every stage of learning. It’s robust, interactive, and customizable, and it has top-rated mobile apps for both teachers and students to facilitate dialogue and discourse. And with features like unlimited file size for materials, course analytics, and SpeedGrader — which lets users quickly view and grade students’ submissions — you can focus more on teaching and less on tedious administrative tasks.

8. D2L Brightspace

Image of D2L Brightspace

With learning innovation platform D2L Brightspace, you can modernize and personalize your classroom experience, automate tasks, and make better, more impactful decisions using its built-in analytics — whether you teach in K–12, higher education, or the corporate world. And thanks to its impressive onboarding program and dedicated technical support team, you’ll be up and running quickly to hit your teaching and learning goals.

9. ProProfs LMS

Image of ProProfs LMS

Whether you need to build interactive courses and tests, collect student feedback on your teaching methods, allow collaboration on joint assignments, or add custom branding to your projects, ProProfs LMS can meet your needs. Plus, since ProProfs LMS integrates with more than 50 popular platforms, you can easily upload and track all courses in one centralized location.

10. NEO

Image of NEO

With the functionality to manage all classroom activities — from creating courses to facilitating teacher-student communication — educational platform NEO is sleek, comprehensive, and intuitive. More than 20,000 organizations trust it, millions use it, and it’s available in 40-plus languages. And thanks to features like automation, adaptive learning, gamification, analytics, and proctored assignments, NEO is the digital equivalent of your very own teaching aide — helping you engage students in an interactive learning environment.

With the right learning management solution, you can take your educational experience to the next level for the digital age. Consider this list a resource as you research which LMS is best for you, your students, and your overall educational needs.

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