7 Basecamp alternatives for project management in 2024

What does project management look like in 2020? Multiple employees and teams working from the office, at home, or on the go via mobile, across different venues, cities, and even time zones.

As a result, there’s a rising demand for high-quality, smart project management tools. This is evident in the flurry of alternatives on the market. One of the most popular, robust project management tools out there is Basecamp.

Project managers love Basecamp for its reliability and ease of use, which comes from nearly two decades of development. As a veteran in project management software, Basecamp — with its simple setup, intuitive interface, and convenient cloud-based SaaS infrastructure — has inspired many new tools that are now crowding the marketplace. Some of these come from the biggest names in IT, such as Google and Microsoft, while others are smaller ventures that have developed comparison-worthy products that level the playing field.

Great project management software is now extremely sophisticated but, thankfully, still affordable. Let’s take a look at some of the Basecamp alternatives that businesses can choose from.

1. Jotform Tables

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The latest in the suite of tools from the online form builder, Jotform Tables follows the spreadsheet-database hybrid model. It provides functionality that’s great for project management in just about any industry.

Jotform Tables automatically funnels information from online forms created in Jotform into customizable tables. A variety of views — table, calendar, cards, reports, and uploads — allows users to manage their projects in the way that’s best suited to their workflows. Robust search and filtering features ensure that you can always find the data you need.

Customizable access settings help teams collaborate. The ability to handle many different types of data, create sophisticated formulas, and connect tables to other tables and forms gives users a leg up.

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2. Airtable

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Airtable is a pioneer in the software arena because it was the first tool to use databases and spreadsheets to tackle project management.

The database-spreadsheet functionality supports the use of formulas to manage and track project workflow, create conditional relationships between collaborators, and reduce manual data entry. Although using formulas for project management may sound complicated, Airtable is a user-friendly and cost-effective tool that’s suitable for businesses of all sizes.

3. Google Tables

In September 2020, Google launched its rival to Airtable with Google Tables, similarly structured as a hybrid database-spreadsheet tool for work tracking and collaboration. Designed to be customizable, Google Tables features the built-in advantage of easy integration with all Google products, such as Google Sheets and Google Groups. This makes Google Tables a tempting new Basecamp alternative for companies already using Google’s product suite.

4. Microsoft Lists

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Microsoft also joined the bandwagon with the rollout of its own spreadsheet-based project management tool, Microsoft Lists. Designed to be simple and flexible to use, it features built-in list templates that are customizable to the project or workflow.

Like Google, Microsoft Lists has the benefit of seamlessly integrating with Microsoft 365, especially Teams, making it a strong choice for enterprises already using 365. An advancement on Microsoft’s popular Sharepoint tool already used by businesses worldwide, Lists is optimized for mobile use, so it’s well suited to current workplace practices and trends.

5. Asana

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Moving away from the database-spreadsheet model, Asana is a highly rated task and project management tool for small to medium-sized businesses. It offers good flexibility for collaboration with several “views,” such as lists, Gantt charts, calendars, and Kanban boards, making it easily adaptable for different preferences. Convenient functionality like drag-and-drop data entry and goal-focused workflows contribute to increased productivity, which explains Asana’s ongoing popularity.

6. monday.com

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Similar to Asana in functionality, monday.com works with “boards” (aka workspaces), and each board is made up of tasks called “items.” Items can be moved, shrunk, stretched, dragged and dropped, and more, depending on view mode.

The software features eight views, including table, chart, Kanban, map, calendar, and timeline. monday.com is a user-friendly project management and task collaboration tool that’s gaining in popularity as quickly as it adds new features.

7. Flow

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Not every business requires the most complex project management tool. For smaller teams, Flow is a lightweight yet very functional choice. It has an intuitive UI that’s simple and mobile responsive and provides all the expected features: tasks, timelines, conversations, files, and other essentials for a smooth workflow.

Flow promotes itself as more robust than tools like Trello yet leaner than Asana and other dense project management software alternatives, making it a serious Basecamp alternative.

Cover all your project management bases

The market space for project management software is filling up fast and shows no sign of stopping. New tools are driving even more sophisticated features and functionality than could have been predicted when industry leader Basecamp launched back in 2004.

Competition between the main players not only brings more Basecamp alternatives to the market, but it also keeps software costs affordable while boosting workplace productivity — and that’s great news for businesses.

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